Bestiary February 2023

Ah, yes, well you see, I wouldn't be me if I didn't start these thing late. But i mean there are a whole 10 days left in the month, so without further adieu we have creatures and monsters of all sorts..... maybe, or maybe just murder birds (that aren't from the murder desert, for a change)   1. Wings - We start with wings, so obviously we must have something that flies. Luckily I have just the thing, you see there is a region called the Swordsparrow Cove that is known for, well, Sword-sparrows. Or as someone in world described them
Sword-sparrows are perhaps the worst named animal I have come across. Not only are they obviously members of the puffin family, but their sharpened beaks resemble axes much more than swords. Clearly whatever idiot mis-named these in a bygone age was simply attempting to come up with a clever alliteration.
2. Stripes 3. Horn 4. Shell 5. Colorful 6. Nocturnal 7. Mythical 8. Prey 9. Monstrous 10. Danger 11. Purr 12. Roar 13. Shriek 14. Howl 15. Tamed 16. Pack 17. Burrow 18. Bond 19. Stinky 20. Gentle 21. Messenger -
oh, that... huh, that loos like a messenger moth. Rather strange to see one nowadays. They dont fly very fast, and are rather prone to getting eaten. Old druidic magic, uncanny ability to find peo.... ope, a bat got that one. This will be entertaining.
22. Food 23. Vicious 24. Silent 25. Parasite 26. Predator 27. Stalk


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