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Transmission & Vectors

Reconditosis is not transferable from person to person under normal circumstances. Only the presence of an arcanohelminth or perhaps the learning of a terrible truth can bring on the infection.


Ordinarily, reconditosis is a result of arcanohelminth infection, though it is rumored that exposure to certain secrets can cause it as well.


Often, the first symptom is a fever and chills. While unpleasant, this is not initially debilitating. Over the course of the infection, the temperature slowly raises until vomiting and edema are exhibited. While not dangerous on their own for most of the disease, these symptoms interfere with rest and normal healing processes of the body. Even magical healing has trouble getting through the interference without curing the disease first.   In the final stages of the disease, the body begins shutting down and the fever raises to dangerous levels, eventually killing the host. Unfortunately the disease doesn't stop there.   In the case of arcanohelminth infestation, the result is a Worm That Walks, an extremely dangerous aberration. There are rumors that in the case of infection by bad knowledge, the result is an allip that rises from the corpse and seeks to share with any sentient creature that it can. These stories may be exaggerated or even invented wholesale.


A Cure Disease spell will instantly heal the infection, though the lingering effects may take some rest. Additionally, a Dispel Magic spell can be used for the same effect, though if the cause is not dealt with, the disease may easily return.


The disease is long term and fatal unless cured.


Sufferers may experience nightmares long after they are cured.

Hosts & Carriers

Any sentient race can be a host to an arcanohelminth and therefore get this disease.

Cultural Reception

In rural areas, sufferers of reconditosis might be suspected of consorting with hags or worse, and may actually be subjected to the witch hunters' scrutiny. In more urban areas, they are sometimes used by criminal organizations. Otherwise, most people would regard them as any other ill person, and seek to aid or cure them with all due haste.
Chronic, Acquired


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