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Maecodian Phrasebook

Here are some of the common phrases of Maecodia:   "Get yer stones up." - Stop thinking or planning and get to it. From the Battle of Lonesome Hill    "Just the Head/Tip" for going all out, "(To give) the short stick" for going hard, and "the full stick" for taking it easy, all from the Billet of War ritual.   "Got a big braid/little braid/No braid at all" is a comment on someone's toughness, though the first is used more often than not sarcastically to refer to someone acting tough. See Warrior's Braid   "Pushing oak" is often describing a difficult, thankless, or painful task. It refers to the The Ancient of War training exercise. Sometimes in less polite circles it is referred to as "fucking the tree." Occasionally, this is replaced by "fucking the sapling" to mean that someone is trying too hard, a reference to a common bit of slander that an enemy balatar practices their training against a young tree and therefore pushes right over it for no purpose.   "One Chit Chuck/Charlie/Charles" is an accusation that someone is lazy, useless or cowardly. It's in reference to Balatar Training, as someone who has only one militia token likely fell out of the initial run, or possibly worse they performed the training so poorly that they didn't win any events.   "Ate the whole bird" to mean they think they're better than you, "gave me the feathers" to mean someone has declared themselves your enemy, "give him/you the feathers" to declare the speaker as an enemy, "Cook my bird" (sometimes "Cook my damn bird" with a demeaning insult or two) meaning the speaker wants acknowledgement of their superiority, "Let's share a bird" to mean negotiate frankly as equals. All of these are references to the test of grouse tradition. "Giving the feather" is also sometimes transliterated into Old Tongue hand talk as a rude gesture (two fingers and the back of the hand, first held up and then flicked forward)   "Swear by the Sigil" a declaration of honesty, invoking the Sigil of Erathe of the Foresight. Most commonly used by Reverents for obvious reasons, but used by others as part of regular Maecodian slang.   "Kanama" A slur to insult Scalykind. From the Appeal.   "Keeb" a slur against Elvenkind, from an incident in the history of human-elf relations.   "Listen with/speak to pointed ears" Listen carefully, a reference to both elves' keen hearing and their perceived habit of communicating on multiple levels or not saying what they mean; Listen to the subtext.   Money - Copper Pieces: Coppers, pennies or bits. Silver Pieces: Silver, conies or pheasants. Electrum Pieces: Electrum, bucks, or squares. Gold Pieces: Gold, crowns, drakes, sovereigns, seasons. Platinum Pieces: Platinum, plat, dragons, plinks.   Winter Child - Someone who is unwanted or a burden. So used because of the biological cycle of Feckleweed that produces a shortage of contraceptives in the winter months.


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