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Tanvi's Rest


The population consists largely of Mady and Nudair's descendants and their spouses. In the past few years, they've welcomed other families, typically elven or half-elven, who seek freedom to live without judgement or the fear of being enslaved, things that are sparse for elves in Udynea.


Due to the fact any defensive structure would draw attention, the village holds none beyond their inherent magic and a single spotting tower that's main use is to aid at sea. Any available physical weapon comes from tools such as gutting knives and farming implements or whatever a traveller brings with them.

Industry & Trade

The inhabitants are largely self-sufficient and tend to keep much of their farming and fishing for themselves and their wider family unit. What wares they do sell they take to the nearby village, this is often in the form of smoked fish or handmade goods.


Holding 31 distinct houses, each one is built from the surrounding trees and ferns. Cooking pits made of stone and heated via magic sit under shelters outside each of the buildings. Each household has its own section of land for growing simple herbs and the like.


Known only as the Arevalo Hut for twenty years prior, due to it being a single beach-front hut bordering the water, its name is derived from Mady and Nudair's second child, Tanvi, who died at five months old and is buried at the head of the family grave alongside their third adult child, Marcel.

Points of interest

The original Arevalo Hut is also considered the centre of the settlement and is where many residents gather in times of strife or ceremony. Further from the water's edge, there is a section of bare hill walled off in stone that holds many graves from the Arevalo. Whilst tucked near the forest is a similar walled area where the families communally grow food.


The buildings are crudely crafted structures content with function rather than beauty. The oldest building was constructed by Nudair and borders the water at one end. The homes of their children followed suit, with the exception of Tanva's household, which originally was built to be separate from the rest of the houses but now has other huts scattered between it and the centre of the village.


The climate is rather temperate all year round, with the occasional squall, such as the one that originally stranded Mady and Nudair.
Founding Date
1829 AES
Alternative Name(s)
Arevalo Hut
Location under
Owning Organization


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