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Royal Ball Proclamation

The proclamation was announced in the year 1793 AES across many markets in Niholia's capital city, Mamoguchabhag. It invited women of noble blood, or daughters of wealthy merchants, to the palace for a night of revelry and an introduction to the empire's heir.


Its intention was to alert any woman of noble blood or wealthy merchants that they were invited to the palace to witness the current princess, Viktoriya Sokolova, and her debut before the court as she finally felt ready to reveal to the court her true self rather than the man she'd been living as. Covertly, it was also to assist Princess Viktoriya in finding an accepting bride and future wife.

Document Structure

Publication Status

Whilst the full proclamation was read aloud to the public, many invites were also personally given to high-ranking noble families. Given that these were sent out months in advance, they were less detailed to give the princess time to prepare herself before her official coming out.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

The public was, of course, delighted. This was especially true of those with wealth but no actual ties to nobility as it gave them a chance to mingle and strike up possible deals, be they of financial or marital gain.


Whilst the full proclamation itself did not garner the interest of the young countess, Alla Somova, a personal, less detailed, invite did. Her appearance at the ball led to her becoming Princess Viktoriya's wife and the mother of their three children.
Announcement, Invitation
Authoring Date
1793 AES
Expiration Date
1793 AES
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