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Jalaane's Trumpet

Also called the Bleeding Trumpet by Obuzaners, this flower is named after the deity Jalaane, Punisher and Doom of the Unworthy. It's therefore not surprising that Jalaane's Trumpet is also known as being the base for one of the deadliest poisons found in Udynea, yet the harvesting of it is almost as equally deadly as using it for the plant grows only in the dense jungle of Obuzan's mountain range.   The plant as a whole is relatively innocuous-looking, growing as vines winding up the side of large trees and sporting deep red, funnel-shaped flowers.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Due to its toxic nature, it is widely regarded as a potent poison amongst Udyneans.   Obuzan militia also makes use of the plant's toxicity, largely to anoint their arrow tips.


Whilst the flower itself is infamously toxic, few people outside of Obuzan know that goes for the entirety of the plant. Exposing bare skin to any part of Jalaane's Trumpet will cause extreme pain and rashes. In severe cases, it can even result in death.

Environmental Impact

Many attempts have been made to cultivate the plant outside of its natural environment, but for something so toxic, it is also very delicate. It requires a moist environment, acidic soil, plenty of sun and high temperatures. Any variation in these requirements will cause withering within hours.   Because it must be harvested from the jungle, those who brave the area must contend with the inhospitable local flora and fauna found within Obuzan's jungles as well as any Obuzan militia. The latter means discretion is of the utmost importance. Harvesters take great pains to leave no evidence of their trail and pick only flowers, leaving the unopened buds to sprout another time.


Trade & Market

Because of both its toxicity and the danger of collecting it from such a hostile environment, the price for anything revolving around Jalaane's Trumpet is high and heavily regulated.


Once the flower bud is plucked, it must be kept contained in a locked box or a sealed jar. It doesn't matter which as dried petals are no less toxic than fresh.
A heady, sweet scent that can cause hallucinations
Deep red
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