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(a.k.a. Ghost of the Theatre)

Whilst Ghost is not his original name, after years of solitude, he has forgotten being called anything else.   Son to an elven slave, Ghost's early life was under the close control of his mother's master, Lord Kiyansh, who also happened to be his father. Unlike his younger full sister, Megala, Ghost showed no aptitude for magic and, for a while, was considered not to be the lord's son... until his Nulled One status was uncovered at the age of five. This pleased the lord and he was forced to remain at the man's side night and day under the guise of being his personal servant when in reality, he was there to be as a shield against magic, would the need arise.   Like many half-elven children, he once had an ethereal beauty that attracted the gaze of unsavoury folk. Eventually, this would include his own father who would attempt to force himself on the boy in the theatre's royal booth at eight years, hoping the performance would drown out any noise. He wasn't expecting Ghost to fight back, eventually taking the man's life but not before suffering a blast of fire to the face, which ignited the masquerade mask he wore.   Hurting from the burn to his face and fearful of prosecution, Ghost fled the booth and hid in one of the long-forgotten holes within the theatre. There, he remained, tending to his wounds and slinking out in the middle of the night to steal food. All the while growing older and more jaded with the world as he witnessed numerous servants and slaves suffering the same abuses.   He took his second life at the age of eleven, slinking out of the shadows to strangle a Niholian lord who was beating a theatre maid for staining his attire when she tripped. It was a messy job, one that was left unfinished as he fled when another maid entered. The lord died, managing only to speak the word "Ghost", the Niholian term for Nulled One, thus is moniker was born.   For over a decade, he has wandered the shadows of the theatre, dispensing justice for those unable to retaliate. His acts have earned the theatre a reputation for being dangerous, something the Udynean nobility flocks to, which also brings the wealthy and gives the theatre little reason to hunt him down.

Physical Description

Facial Features

The most obvious feature is the burn encompassing one entire side of his face. This was gotten when the masquerade mask he was wearing caught fire during the scuffle against his father. The injury also destroyed his ear and eye, rendering him half-blind and partially deaf.
Current Status
"Haunting" The Spectral Palace Theatre
Current Location
Current Residence
The Spectral Palace Theatre, Rolshar
Dark brown. His other eye is a milky white.
Black and kept long on one side of his face to help cover his disfigurement when not masked.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pasty white from a decade of living in the theatre's underground.


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