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Book of Kailin

The gods suffer an act of ignorance the once.  
- Kailin
    This book is a collection of prophecies named after the Udynean prophet, Kailin. Written during his self-imposed year-long exile in the Stamekian desert, the book became well-known after several of his early predictions came true and Kailin was considered blessed by the gods. He gained a following amongst many common folk, with some devoted sects bordering on the fanatic.   He also gained many enemies among the nobility and the clergy, with several religious circles denouncing him as a prophet, claiming both the author and his text lacked good sense. This is unsurprising, given how the Book of Kailin openly ridicules both groups and blamed them for disasters that had yet come to pass. Due to Kailin's lack of any actual standing within the various priesthoods, the book and its contents have been officially dismissed throughout the years as the ramblings of a madman. There is some merit in this as, in his years leading up to penning the texts, Kailin was considered to have been driven mad by visions in the desert. That he returned from his exile to then murder his wife certainly lends weight to his unstable mindset.   Nevertheless, many of his earlier prophecies came true, enough that scholars still dedicate their lives in an attempt to decipher the latter ones. These prophecies, beginning halfway through the book, are far more difficult to comprehend and date due to the book's texts not following any chronological order and what appears to be genuine prophecies are interspersed with puzzling contradictions, clear blasphemies and ravings.
Item type
Book / Document
Creation Date
34 AES
Related ethnicities
There is but one true Book of Kailin. It resides in a static pod, deep within the Imperial Palace's Royal Library, alongside other equally fragile relics. There is also an exact replica within Minamist's academy vault.
Raw materials & Components
Made from beaten-reed pages, all inscribed front and back with dark ink, each page is tied to the next in a pattern that's designed to let the book unfold into one long strip.


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