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Stone trees

The first travelers who visited the world in the intersection of LMED plane and the eleventh planet, were quick to say that the place wasn't inhabitable. The air seemed to be clear, but there was no water, plants or animals. There was nothing but rocks everywhere, and small trees trying to survive in the cracks. Old twisted trees made them believe that there was some sort of nutrients or groundwater under the rock layer, but they didn't try to find those resources. It was difficult and didn't really worth it.   Nobody talked about that world after that, but the Stone's Trees made their way into a few adages about resistance and beating the odds.   The only scientific investigation on the place was led by Jaizo, a biologist who specialized in species that survive in adverse conditions. He and his coworkers suspect that the whole world is formed by a single mineral and the only species living there are the Stone trees and the worms that infest some of them.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

So far we had found Stone trees in four different stages: 
  • Sprout
  • Sapling
  • Adult tree
  • Solidification
  • There aren't enough studies to determine timing.

    Ecology and Habitats

    They only survive in the solid rock of their home.   Other circumstances like weather and height don't seem to cause any change in their development.

    Dietary Needs and Habits

    The first scientifics to visit the area assumed that Stone trees had roots so strong that they broke the layer of rock in order to find sources of water and nutrients. They were partially wrong. These trees take their nutrients from the rock itself.     If they breathe, we have no way to prove it.

    Additional Information

    Social Structure

    They often grow in small colonies (8 to 24 trees). There are theories about communication and organization, but nothing has been proved yet.

    Uses, Products & Exploitation

    It's impossible to extract anything from these trees without them being irremediably damaged. It's exploitation is forbidden for Enlightened worlds. Those who had tried to do it are currently missing, probably staying under the radar to avoid the authorities.

    Average Intelligence

    Unknown. They may be sentient.
    Geographic Distribution
    World: Unnamed
    Plane: LMED

    Unknown - Over 1000 years

    Conservation Status
    Not evaluated

    Average Height
    54-98 meters (before solidification stage)

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    Author's Notes

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