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A letter describing the Seventh World of Grista

Meried, a traveler from the First World of Grista, sent this letter with a messaging spell that is currently lost. It looks like a hairpin and reproduces Meried's voice. The letter was for his friend and first love, a woman from the Fifth World. The contents are relevant for many more people.   Please read the transcription of the main part by pressing the button on the right.

Document Structure

Publication Status

The original is kept by The Society of Enlightened Worlds. Copies, transcriptions, excerpts and translations had been published by different historians. It's particularly famous in The First and Seventh Worlds of Grista.

Historical Details


Meried kept detailed descriptions of each world he visited. The Seventh World was the exception, this message seems to be his only recorded opinion on this place.
Text, Letter
Crystal, Magical
Authoring Date
Year 114 of Discovery (2th month?)


Author's Notes

This may be the only thing I'll write about the Seventh World. But who knows. FYI: Meried is a very common name in Grista, because of the writer of this letter, the first known traveler.

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