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Their Majesty Lann Domina

They battle

Monarch of Guiding Star. Executioner of Nox

A fierce celestial warrior

  Lann is a fey Monarch with the largest pool of Knights in Swansgard. They are powerful and often sparrs with their Knights and battle with the help of the fey artifacts they poses. Weapons made by Lann’s unique ability to turn Monarch names into items.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A large hovering form in pristine crystalline white. Lower body made up of a large face with wings of metal attached, upper body containing the stature of a ethereal warrior. A winged halo hovering around their back, brimming with pure magic energy. Sensory dust flows around the Monarch, visible only as glitter.

Special abilities

As a Monarch Lann has the ability to make bonds with other in the form of vows. The other party vows something that only they can give, like truthfulness, unyielding obedience or vow off an emotion for the Monarch to monopolize. In exchange the Monarch gives weapons and abilities, the physical manifestations of words uttered by the Monarch, that then has the power to effect fay creatures.  


Being a fey Lanns body is made partly of sensory dust. These small particles being the fey’s main sensory organ, but also in some fey carries the ability to carry object. Lann has extremely strong sensory dust, being able to lift cars. The dust can even form into warriors through Lann’s word of power; Bulwark. Up to four 2 m tall warriors with spears can be made and maintained by Lann, it does however split is focus and can become disorienting if posed with multiple targets. The dust soldiers however becoming great tool for training Knights.    

Lann also carries a sword, shield, and halo, all being made up of condensed dead Monarchs Lann has defeated, keeping part of the dead Monarchs names and binding them to Lann. The halo simply carrying energy, letting Lann provide for more Knights, the shield giving sturdy protection against most fey weaponry, and sword made of the Monarch Lux; having the ability to absorb light and release bursts of enormous energy.


Contacts & Relations

Lann works with the defence agency Guiding Star, the Monarch providing Knights while the company cares for them. Having built a secret room, the garden of Avalon, where Lann is protected from Dragons and other Monarchs. The room also functioning as a training ground where Lann regularly sparrs with their Knights. Otherwise Lann, like many other Monarchs, spend a lot of their time in a dream state, consciousness flowing between their bonds, dreaming and living the essence of their words of power.  

As for how Lann selects their Knights is not completely obvious. The Monarch will seemingly out of the blue offer a human, usually someone in their twenties though multiple Knights under Lann are under 18. All of the chosen ones are physically fit and headstrong, people that will stubbornly fight for their cause, requesting very emotional and personal bonds. This can be seen in Specter, a Knight of Lann and considered the strongest Knight in Swansgard, who vowed “to honor their heart”, and “be a perfect Knight”. Aure, another Knight, vowed off his whole past.

Current Location
The Fade
Current Residence
3.9 m
1000 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
Stand tall, our knights. Show that their powers are but our tools.
  Word of power


Aligned Organization
Guiding Star

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