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In the distant past of 1999 the world was shook by the Dragon Calamity. The lands burned, millions died in just the first months. Guns, chemicals, even nukes could not bring down the beasts. For twenty painful years humanity was harassed until the Advent of Monarchs.     The Monarchs where fey creatures, just like the monsters, and by making bonds with humans a selected few where given powers to fight back. With strong incentives to keep these Knights alive and fighting corporations stepped in to serve the Monarchs and manage the soldiers. These Private Defense Agencies (PDA’s) would with time turn the Knights into something more than just fighters, but also into public heroes and commercialized idols.     Slowly spots blessed to have Monarchs started to take shape. Though the world still remains changed as Dragons and Monarchs set the boundaries for our civilizations. We are connected through the web, but no planes find the sky safe enough to travel.     Our story takes place in Swansgard. After the appearance of three monarchs, a successful marketing campaign, and getting a whole lot of refugees to settle down in the area the small fishing village on the south east edge of the UK transformed into one of the world's major port cities. This windy city with constant bad weather now looks like any modern city, except for the layers of walls, watchtowers and the other features needed to protect people from the big bad Dragons.

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