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The Karnosi Shadowmist Coven

The Karnosi Shadowmist Coven is a group of elite female warriors and spellcasters who serve the dark god Karnos. They hail from the area known as the Shadowlands and are known for their speed, agility, and deadly precision in combat, as well as their proficiency in dark magic. Members of the Shadowmist Coven are commonly referred to as Shadowmist Witches.   Physically, Shadowmist Witches are pale-skinned elves with angular features and piercing, glowing red eyes that seem to see into the darkness. They dress in tight-fitting leather armor that allows for maximum mobility, and carry a variety of weapons including poisoned daggers, crossbows, and short swords.   In addition to their martial prowess, Shadowmist Witches are also skilled in the arts of magic. They are known to cast a variety of spells that allow them to manipulate shadows, teleport short distances, and curse their enemies with dark magic.   The Shadowmist Coven operates as a secretive organization, working behind the scenes to further the interests of Karnos and advance the cause of darkness. They are known to engage in assassination, sabotage, and espionage, using their unique skills and magic to strike from the shadows.   One unique aspect of the Shadowmist Coven is their use of a dark, magical mist that surrounds them in combat. This mist not only serves to obscure their movements and confuse their enemies, but also contains a potent toxin that can weaken and incapacitate those who breathe it in.  


Nightshade Sisters of Karnos

  The Nightshade Sisters of Karnos are a faction within the larger Shadowmist Coven, a group of witches who specialize in dark magic and are known for their ruthless tactics. The Nightshade Sisters take this to an even darker level, as they are particularly skilled in the use of poisons and assassination.   Their name comes from the nightshade plant, which produces a poisonous fruit that is said to be deadly to the touch. This plant has long been associated with witchcraft and dark magic, and the Nightshade Sisters have taken this association to heart.   Members of this sect are highly skilled in the use of poisons and daggers, which they use to deadly effect in their missions. They are known for their ability to kill their targets quickly and quietly, leaving no trace of their presence except for the bodies they leave behind.   The Nightshade Sisters are feared and respected within the Shadowmist Coven for their deadly skills and unwavering loyalty to their cause. They are not to be underestimated, and their enemies would do well to beware the poison-tipped blades of these deadly assassins.  



The Shadowmist Coven operates as a secretive and hierarchical organization, with the Nightshade Sisters serving as one of its elite sects. The coven is led by a powerful and mysterious figure known only as the High Priestess, who is said to possess immense magical power and serve as the mouthpiece of Karnos himself.   Underneath the High Priestess, there are a number of subordinate leaders who oversee different aspects of the coven's operations, such as assassination, espionage, and the arcane arts. Each leader is known as a Mistress, and they are responsible for training and managing the witches under their command.   New recruits to the Shadowmist Coven are typically selected at a young age and brought to the Shadowlands for training. Those who show potential are initiated into the coven and trained in the arts of combat, magic, and assassination. As they progress through the ranks, witches are given increasingly dangerous and complex missions to carry out on behalf of the coven.   The Shadowmist Coven is fiercely loyal to Karnos and sees itself as a force of darkness and chaos in the world. They seek to undermine the forces of order and promote the spread of darkness and evil. Despite their reputation as killers and spies, the Shadowmist Coven is feared and respected throughout the land for their mastery of the arcane arts and combat.  

  One of the 'Shadow Fortresses' used by the covens.


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28 Feb, 2023 19:57

I'm curious: are nightshades referring to a specific plant in your world? In the real world, the word "nightshade" usually refers to either Deadly Nightshade or the family Solanaceae, so I'm wondering if you are referring to a single species of plant or a group of plant species.   The poison-by-touch thing is cool too. How does that work?

28 Feb, 2023 20:37

I have the same family, Solanaceae, in my world. The poison by touch thing is a highly concentrated dose of a very virulent poison, the recipe for which is known only to the Sisters.   Thank you for the comment, I appreciate any feedback.