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God Of Blood And Slaughter

Karnos, the god of blood and slaughter, is a towering figure that stands over 50 feet tall. His massive size allows him to crush mountains and destroy cities with ease. He has skin the color of dried blood, which is hard as steel and impervious to most weapons. His eyes glow with an intense red light, and his head is adorned with a pair of imposing horns that curve forward, giving him a fearsome appearance.   Karnos' immense strength and fury are legendary in Kirileth. His wrathful and violent nature is feared and respected by many, and his name is whispered in hushed tones by those who dare not cross him. He is believed to have the power to summon storms of blood and to control the minds of those he wishes to command.   His dark and secretive cult of followers are the Karnosi. They believe that by spilling blood in Karnos' name, they can gain his favor and protection. They are a group of ruthless and brutal individuals who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. They often engage in acts of violence and bloodshed, seeking to please their god and gain his favor.   Despite his imprisonment in the realm of Korvanthor by Mezdes, the God of Death and the Underworld, Karnos still holds a powerful influence over his followers. The Karnosi continue to worship him in secret, and some even believe that he will one day be freed from his captivity. They believe that when he does, he will bring a reign of blood and terror to the mortal plane unlike anything seen before. The Karnosi are willing to do whatever it takes to help their god regain his freedom, even if it means sacrificing their own lives.   Karnos is particularly favored by those who engage in acts of violence and killing, such as assassins and dark warriors. His followers are known to wear dark robes, bearing his rune in red, and carry ceremonial daggers, which they use to make blood sacrifices to their god. Many of his rituals involve the sacrifice of animals or even sentient beings from different races and species.   Overall, Karnos is a deity to be feared and respected. His immense power and violent nature make him a formidable foe, and his followers are willing to do whatever it takes to gain his favor and protection.  

The Rune of Karnos

  Karnos' symbol is a powerful rune etched in red on a black background. The rune itself is shaped like a twisted flame, with sharp angles and jagged edges that convey a sense of danger and unpredictability. The red color of the rune symbolizes the blood that Karnos is willing to spill in pursuit of his goals, while the black background represents the darkness and mystery that surrounds him.   The symbol is often used by Karnos' followers to mark their allegiance and to invoke his power. It is sometimes carved into the flesh of initiates as a sign of devotion, or painted onto banners and standards to inspire fear in their enemies. The symbol is also said to hold a measure of Karnos' power, and those who bear it are believed to be granted a measure of his strength and resilience.

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