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Grace Bank

Public Agenda

Grace Bank ensures all supernatural beings have access to safe and affordable banking solutions if they wish to live among humans. All supernatural beings are welcome - there is no discrimination in regards to what beings may or may not use Grace Bank's services. Grace Bank's innovative software and complex glamours help to ensure all customers pay minimum taxes and fees, especially in regards to inheritance taxes paid when an immortal feels the need to change their identity through the death of a current identity. Large cash deposits and foreign currencies are not a problem for customers of Grace Bank, either. It is Grace Bank's firm belief that the supernatural should contribute to the mortal world if they choose to live in it, but that the potential for overpayment and the risk of discovery is far too high for most without assistance.


Grace Bank was founded in 1980, in New York City, by a group of Fallen angels in response to the increasing digitization of banking and investing. It was becoming more and more difficult for supernatural beings to control their own finances and skirt government regulators as the world began to rely on more software that could be used to moniter financial activities. Grace Bank uses its own software programs and glamours to help ensure its customers do not face undue questions from government regulators and that they only need to pay minimum taxes. Since 1980, the bank has expanded globally.

Banking, Made Divine

Founding Date
Financial, Bank


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