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Falended Hyrthe

Falended Hyrthe is a Representative of the Communes on behalf of Oltumur, the commune in Qosid that lies at the junction of Lake Olt and the Silver River. Falended is a young, charismatic wood elf who has the remarkable capacity to be friends with almost everyone. His permissive attitudes towards life in general have brought him to introduce a monetary exchange system in the commune that co-exists with the classical wood elf gift economy. Falended lives in Oltumur with his partner Myrna Hyrthe.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

Falended's libertarian beliefs can paralyze him when decisive action is required. His desire to ensure the freedom of himself and others is so strong, that he is willing to set up complicated systems and compromises just so that everyone can live the way they want to. His devotion to liberty stems from a very deep desire to be liked by everyone and it is through this same weakness that he became a compulsive user of Pink Pleasure.


Falended stands out for his cleanliness, especially in a commune dominated by fishers.
Current Location
Year of Birth
780 LC 124 Years old
Current Residence
Aligned Organization

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