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The Moonless Night

Mournstead Hallows is known for its perpetual state of night, thought to have been brought on by the pure fury and mourning held by the Queen after the multiple tragedies that struck the kingdom, leading to the official name change to Mournstead. The state of the night in Mournstead Hallows is different to that of the rest of Kesathra, as it is darker than the other places, due to the fact it's a moonless night. Rather than being a natural state of night, it is created by a magical barrier that blocks out the sun, or rather, completely erases its existence in this part of the world.

Despite Mournstead Hallows being a permanently moonless night, their Queen, Veronica Laina, is known for wielding the power of the moon, having imbued lanterns in the cities and certain parts of the wilderness with moonlight, allowing even the eternal night to be easy to exist in.


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