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"Smells like an orc's loincloth in here!" -Last words of Arlax Hammermantle, Dwarf Spelunker

The Troglodyte

  The savage, degenerate troglodytes squat in the shallow depths of The Underdark in a constant state of war against their neighbours and one another. They mark the borders of their territories with cracked bones and skulls, or with pictographs painted in blood and dung.   Perhaps the most loathsome of all humanoids, troglodytes eat anything they can stomach. They dwell in filth. The walls of their cavern homes are smeared with grime, oily secretions, and the debris of their foul feasting.    

Simpleminded Brutes

  Troglodytes have a simple, communal culture devoted almost entirely to procuring food. Too simple to plan more than a few days into the future, troglodytes rely on constant raids and hunting to survive. They take sadistic pleasure in hunting intelligent creatures weaker than themselves and show no mercy toward those they capture and drag back to their lairs to be devoured. The largest and toughest troglodytes lead the hunt and become the leaders of their tribes. However, if a leader shows any weakness or hesitation, other troglodytes attack and eat it in a frenzy.   Troglodytes make little and build less, scavenging their possessions from their prey. They understand the value of metal weapons and armour, and fight among one another for the right to have such items. A troglodyte tribe might be torn apart by battles over a single longsword.    

Devotees of Laogzed

  Some troglodytes venerate Laogzed, a demonic, monstrously fat toad-lizard that slumbers in The Abyss. Laogzed offers the troglodytes nothing in return except aspiration, for it is the dream of his troglodyte worshipers to become as fat, well fed, and wearily content as he seems to be.    
A Feeding Troglodyte by dandwiki

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits


Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

  • Darkvision 60ft, and 
  • Passive Perception 10.
A Troglodyte by aidedd
Humanoid (Troglodyte)

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Cover image: A Troglodyte by aidedd

Troglodyte CR: 1/4 (50XP)

Medium humanoid (troglodyte), chaotic evil
Armor Class: 11 (Natural Armour)
Hit Points: 13 (2D8+4)
Speed: 30ft


14 +2


10 +0


14 +2


6 -2


10 +0


6 -2

Skills: Stealth +2.
Senses: Darkvision 60ft, and Passive Perception 10.
Languages: Troglodyte

Chameleon Skin

The Troglodyte has an Advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) Checks made to Hide.    


Any creature other than a troglodyte that starts its Turn within 5 feet of the troglodyte must Succeed on a DC 12 Constitution Saving Throw or be Poisoned until the start of the creature's next Turn. On a Successful Saving Throw, the creature is Immune to the Stench of all troglodytes for 1 Hour.    

Sunlight Sensitivity

While in sunlight, the troglodyte has Disadvantage on Attack Rolls, as well as on Wisdom (Perception) Checks that rely on Sight.



The troglodyte makes Three Attacks: One with its Bite and Two with its Claws.    


Melee Weapon Attack: +4 To Hit, Reach 5ft, One Target. Hit: 4 (1D4+2) Piercing Damage.    


Melee Weapon Attack: +4 To Hit, Reach 5ft, One Target. Hit: 4 (1D4+2) Slashing Damage.


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