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Tribal Cuisine

Tribal Cuisine


The traditional cuisine of The Northern Waste Tribes is based on a mixture of Wild Game,Foraged foods,and Farmed Agricultural products.Each Region of the Savage Northlands use local resources and own food preparation techniques for their cuisines.


Dried meat products such as Cow(Beef),Deer(Venison),Oxen and Horse are commonly consumed by the Tribal Clans of the plains and The Great Eastern Steppes,Camel and Goat by the Tribes in Emidia and Talaria,and Boar,Elk,Deer and Sheep in The Northern Wastes.These dried meats are commonly known as 'Jerky'.


On most of the North Eastern Coast of The Northern Wastes ,Cod and Herring is an important food resource to the Tribal Clans,along with certain marine mammals like Seal and Whale.Salmon is consumed fresh when they are spawning or smoked dry to create a jerky-like food that could be stored year-round.


In the Arctic Tundra and Frozen Coastal areas,the Tribes traditionally survive on a diet consisting of land and Marine Mammals,Fish,and Foraged Plant products.Meats are consumed fresh but also often prepared and smoked,or allowed to ferment.These fermented meats have the consistency and smell of certain soft aged cheeses,and are not to everybody's taste.Fish are eaten Boiled,Fried,Salted,Pickled and often Dried,then Smoked.Snacks such as Whale and Seal skin and blubber is eaten plain,smoked or pickled,though sometimes dipped in a sweet sauce.


Wild game of all sorts is Hunted and eaten by many Tribal Clans.Venison,from Deer,Moose, or Elk, is eaten across the country and is important to all.Seal meat is eaten,particularly in the North and Eastern Coastal areas.Wild fowl like Ducks,Geese,and Grouse(Partridge)are also regularly hunted.Other animals like bear and beaver may be eaten by dedicated hunters,but are not generally consumed by much of the population.Freshwater Fish,such as the Silverback and lake whitefish are commonly fished in the Great Lakes and rivers.


The North produces good Cheeses(Smoked and Unsmoked) and some Beers and Ales,and is known for its excellent ice Ciders(Pear and Apple).Gooseberries,Blackberries,Pearberries,Cranberries and Redberries are gathered wild or grown.


Meat & Fish

  Deer-Meat(Venison) & Hide   Boar-Meat & Hide   Horse-Meat & Hide   Beaver-Meat & Fur   Bear-Meat & Fur   Rabbit-Meat & Fur   Wild Fowl-Duck,Geese & Grouse-Meat & Eggs   Elk-Meat(Venison),Hide & Milk   Moose-Meat(Venison) & Hide   Oxen-Meat,Hide & Milk   Goat-Meat,Hair & Milk   Sheep-Meat(Mutton & Lamb),Fleece(Wool) & Milk   Cow-Meat(Beef),Hide & Milk   Pig-Meat(Pork)   Camel-Meat,Hair & Milk   Seal   Whale   Fish-Cod,Herring,Salmon,Silverback & Lake Whitefish  


  Cheese   Smoked Cheese   Buttermilk   Eggs  


  Potato   Onion   Turnip   Carrot   Beans   Cabbage  


  Apple   Pear   Berries-Goose,Black,Red,Pear & Cran  


  Cider-Apple & Pear   Ale   Beer  


  Oats   Barley   Wheat  


  Bread   Honey

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