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The School of Milira's Knowledge

Written by Loremaster Aemon

The Bard School of Milira

This relatively new school for Bards opened only fifty years ago by a small group of priestly scholars and Bards. The Temple was newly named The School of Milira's Knowledge, as all worshiped the Goddess Milira 'The Lady of Songs',and became a place of study, music, poetry, song and art. This once great Temple belonged to the Holy Order of priests who worshiped Aenar 'Life Bringer', God of Life and light. Aenar is now one of the forgotten gods, or a Vestige as they are now known, the temple was abandoned by the order over time and then eventually stood empty for nearly two hundred years. The Temple stands in the secluded Autumnshade Clearing situated in The Autumnshade Woodlands, in The Province of Arnoria.      

The Sigil of Milira

A Golden Harp with a musical note in the background

Purpose / Function

The original purpose of the Temple was for the worship of Aenar 'Life Bringer', God of Life.


Almost two hundred years later it became a place of learning for scholars and bards, now fifty years later it is still a place of learning but also a Temple to the Goddess Milira 'Lady of Songs'.


The Original Building


The original Building consisted of an Entrance Hallway with stairs leading to the upper level, Two large Oak doors leading to a huge main Hall that could easily hold five hundred people, There is a staircase leading down to the lower level on the left side of the hall and an arched hallway leading off to the left, also there are four adjoining rooms, one in each corner. One room was an office, One room was a private prayer chamber and the other two rooms were dormitories, one for the male priests and the other for the female priestesses. The Arched Hallway leads to a kitchen/Dining and storage area.

On the upper level was a Gallery for musicians and a choir which overlooked the main Hall.

The Lower level had four storage rooms, A Wine cellar, A large room containing a sunken bath pool which could hold up to ten people. A medium sized room which had a fresh water well, and six cell rooms which were used for priests who were taking vows of solitude.



In the fifty years since the Bard school took residence of the Temple, only minor repairs have taken place on the outside of the building, such as repairs to the roof and part of a wall had caved in and needed to be rebuilt. On the Ground level and upper level no alterations needed to be done, but the lower level has been extended to hold another six dormitories for all the priests, monks, scholars and bards.


The main Architecture of the Temple is of Ancient Pelosi design, over the last fifty years any repairs or added building portions are of current Pelosian style.
A Harp outside the Temple by CherishedMemories
Alternative Names
The Temple of Milira,The Milirian Temple,The Bard School of Milira or The Derelict Temple of Aenar.
Temple / Religious complex

Domains of the Priests of Milira

  • Knowledge
  • Life
The Goddess Milira Playing the harp by CAPITALCRUSH54
A Half-Orc Bard by Scott Groves

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Cover image: A Harp outside the Temple by CherishedMemories


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