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The Common Tongue

Since the founding of the Empire of Turelion the native language of the inhabitants of Turelion has spread across the world of Kelbonnar and has become the lingua franca of the Empire. Because of its ubiquity, outside of Turelion Province Turelite is regularly referred to as 'the common tongue' or 'common speech'.   Turelite is used for all of the Empire‚Äôs official business and those wishing to work in any capacity within the Imperial system, no matter in how lowly a position, must know Turelite in order to be accepted. As a result most of the inhabitants of the world of Kelbonnar will know at least a smattering of Turelite, with those living in larger settlements and the Provincial Capitals in particular being fluent, or practically fluent in the language.  

Common Phrases:

By the Emperor's grace....
  A common phrase used across the Empire of Turelion to express the idea of 'if it is destined', 'if fate allows' etc.  
Imperial Foundlings
  A phrase that is most frequently encountered in Turelion Province, it is used to refer to people who were born outside of the Imperial Province. It is almost always used as an insult.  
Like a Lodge-man's beard....
  A turn of phrase indicating that something is unkempt, dirty or wild. It refers to the generally ragged look that members of the Lodge of Imperial Hunters tend to be seen with, especially after they have spent a lot of time in the wilds.  
May the Mallenars take you!
  A regularly used curse or threat, which refers to a wish for the target to be either arrested or killed by the Imperial Inquisition.  
Throne blessed
  A descriptive phrase that is used to describe someone who has either been granted favour, rewards or boons by the Emperor themselves, or more frequently, has gained either wealth or status from the Imperial system. It is often used as a derogatory term.

Significant Literary & Scientific Uses of Turelite:

  The Imperial Calendar
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