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Meltaro Guard

Regarded as one of the elite units of the Empire of Turelion, the Meltaro Guard have the honour of defending the Imperial Capital Meltaro and its citizens. All Meltaro Guard are highly trained professional soldiers, second only to the Imperial Drakes in their discipline and martial prowess.



The entire force of the Meltaro Guard numbers around 3,000 troops, with the vast majority of them always being stationed within Meltaro itself, save for a small handful who have been dispatched elsewhere within the Empire of Turelion on official business.


Unlike their more heavily armoured compatriots in the Imperial Drakes, the Meltaro Guard are more lightly armoured, to better facilitate swifter movement through the streets of the capital. Most will wear helmets an arming caps along with a breastplate or a thick padded gambeson dependent upon personal preference.   Whilst out on patrol, in addition to their weapons and any ammunition they need, all members of the Guard carry at least two days’ worth of water and rations, in case they are trapped somewhere within the metropolis, along with climbing equipment that can be used to scale buildings if necessary.


Each member of the Meltaro Guard is trained in the use of pikes, swords, Blackpowder Weapons and crossbows. All members of the Guard are equipped with arming swords and most of their patrols will contain guards armed with pikes, great swords, muskets and crossbows.


As they have no regular official duties outside of the confines of Meltaro, the Meltaro Guard are not known to widely make use of any vehicles and whilst some can ride horses and other mounts, it is not something that they are formally trained in.   A small selection of mounts are kept at the city garrison, but these are reserved for the swift delivery of messages to the many guard posts spread around the city.


The Meltaro Guard is commanded by the Marshall of Meltaro, who answers directly to the Imperial Prefect. Whilst theoretically the Marshall of Meltaro should simply relay orders to the guard from the Imperial Prefect, as many generations of non-military personal have occupied the position of Imperial Prefect, it is now commonly accepted that the Marshall of Meltaro makes all strategic and administration decisions relating to both the Guard and the defence of Meltaro.   Beneath the Marshall of Meltaro, the Guard are split into six corps of 500 strong commanded by a Captain of the Guard. These corps are then split into five detachments of 100 strong each commanded by a Lieutenant of the Guard. To make these detachments more deployable, each is split into squads of 10 Guards, commanded by a Sergeant of the Guard.


As befits their station as defenders of a metropolis, the Meltaro Guard are highly drilled in combat linked to urban warfare. They are capable of executing sophisticated breaching manoeuvres using Blackpowder to gain access barricaded buildings and they can quickly create living road blocks with dense pike formations supported by musket and crossbow snipers.


As befits their station, the Meltaro Guard are well trained and are drilled to a much higher standard than the average provincial troops to be found in the Empire of Turelion's Provinces. All members of the guard are trained in the use of swords, polearms, crossbows and Blackpowder Weapons and they are widely regarded as being far more skilful than all but the most talented of Provincial Troops.


Logistical Support

The Meltaro Guard are based out of the city garrison, located in the northern part of the Port District of Meltaro and this garrison provides accommodation and leisure facilities for the guard which are maintained and serviced by a staff of cooks, cleaners and blacksmiths who ensure that the guard are well taken care of.


As they protect the Imperial Capital, the Meltaro Guard are empowered to call in reinforcements from any of the provincial armed forces should a significant threat to the capital be identified. In practice this has only occurred a handful of times, and it is only likely that auxiliary troops would be brought in from the forces of the two closest provinces, Turelion or Ultaru.   Conversely, the Meltaro Guard are also eligible to be called upon by the Imperial Drakes to protect the Grand Imperial Palace or the Imperial Family during crisis moments.
Overall training Level
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