One of the rarest gemstones, in terms of where they can be found, Kinitiki is a highly prized precious stone found only in the Crystal Caverns in the Middle Underdark. They are in high demand, not only for their rarity and beauty, but also for their ability to give humanoids access to extrasensory abilities.


Material Characteristics

Kinitiki stones are usually found in a variety of crystalline shapes and forms, which have clearly been formed in an organic way over an extended period of time. They are usually clear, though younger and smaller stones tend to range more to the opaque side, with larger older stones appearing as transparent as flawless glass.   The gemstones are also incredibly hard and make immensely sharp edges when exposed to blunt force trauma. They are also known to be liable to shattering if subjected to too much force. This makes them incredibly hard to extract from rockfaces, and the removal of even a single kinitiki gemstone can take hours of painstaking, delicate chiselling.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Unusually, Kinitiki is widely regarded as being able to enhance the mental abilities of humanoids, and on occasion to give them access to extrasensory abilities and psionic abilities. The amount by which and the type of abilities that the gemstones provide access to appears to depend on both their size and their purity, with larger, purer stones giving access to the widest range and the most powerful abilities. This is the reason why the gemstones are prized beyond their aesthetic beauty.

Geology & Geography

Kinitiki gemstones are only known to exist in the Crystal Caverns that sprawl out over the south east and west of the Middle Underdark. The remoteness of their location and the specialist skills needed to extract them, means that there are only two settlements that produce a small, but constant supply of the stones for export, Gleaming Spire in the west and Maltari in the east.

History & Usage

Everyday use

The rarity and aesthetically pleasing nature of Kinitiki means that it is most often used in the making or jewellery, with Kinitiki stone, rings, necklaces, tiaras earrings, etc, found gracing the bodies of the great and the good across the Empire of Turelion and the Underdark. Kinitiki’s expense and rarity tends to mean that it is the centrepiece stone of any item of jewellery it is incorporated into, but this is not always the case.   Away from its physical beauty, Kinitiki has long been regarded as a gemstone that can naturally enhance a person’s mental abilities and give them access to extrasensory or psionic abilities. This means that many people, including a significant proportion of the members of the Imperial College of Arcanists use Kinitiki jewellery or specially crafted items incorporating the gemstone in an attempt to enhance their mental or arcane abilities.


The mental boost and extrasensory abilities that Kinitiki is said to give to those who wear or who are close to the gems does come with a cost. Many people who are overly exposed to it say that they suffer from intense headaches and migraines and that they see visions, illusions or even find themselves fully immersed within ethereal scenes that are invisible to other people.   Most of the people who report such side effects are those who actually extract the stone in the Crystal Caverns, but people who have large pieces of Kinitiki in their possession or who own pieces of jewellery that makes use of lots of individual stones or large pieces of Kinitiki have also reported such side effects. Several Imperial Consorts of Turelion & Kelbonnar have also reported such symptoms after having worn the ceremonial Consort’s crown, which contains a large piece of flawless Kinitiki, for extended periods of time.


Trade & Market

There is a brisk trade market within both the Empire of Turelion and in the Underdark for Kinitiki stones, though because they are only found within the Crystal Caverns of the Middle Underdark, most of the initial trade in the gemstone takes place within the Underdark, principally within the city of Frax. Specialist gembrokers and jewellers will often buy up as much Kinitiki as they can in the gem market in Frax and will go themselves to trade them on for a substantial profit on the surface world. The most vibrant market for Kinitiki stones on the surface of the Material Plane is in the capital of the Empire of Turelion, Meltaro, where the highest concentration of people who are likely to be able to afford such luxuries live, or at least have a presence.
Rare – only found in the Crystal Caverns
Most commonly found in shades of lilac, purple, pink and blue.
Common State
Solid - crystalline structure
Related Locations
Related Species


  A single small flawed piece of Kinitiki, less than 1cm in diameter can run to as much as 100 Crowns. Larger, more pristine pieces regularly sell for over 1,000 Crowns, whilst the most expensive piece on record, a flawless example that was over 10cm in diameter, and which now graces the ceremonial crown of the Imperial Consort of Turelion & Kelbonnar was purchased for over 300,000 Crowns.

Cover image: by Chris Pyrah


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