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Inquisitor Pioneer

One of the most secretive branches of the Imperial Inquisition, even more covert that the Inquisitor Assassins, the Inquisitor Pioneers are dedicated to exploring the Underdark, gathering information on it and the creatures that dwell there and even making first diplomatic contact with them on behalf of the Empire of Turelion.   Because Imperial Policy on the Underdark means that the vast majority of the information discovered about the Underdark is deemed to be classified and restricted by the Emperors and their inner circle in the Imperial Court, the existence of the Imperial Pioneers is itself a closely guarded secret. Even most members of the Imperial Inquisition don’t know about it, with only those at the very top of the organisation, or who are themselves recruited to be a Pioneer ever learning about their existence.



As a division of the Imperial Inquisition that is meant to be secret, the number of Inquisitor Pioneers is kept deliberately low with only about 100 or so within the Inquisition at any one time. The low numbers are not just down to secrecy, however, as Inquisitor Pioneers have to have a very specific set of skills in order to survive, let alone excel in their duties, which naturally reduces the pool of potential applicants.


Unlike standard Imperial Agents, Inquisitor Pioneers are kitted out with all manner of wilderness survival gear to help them survive in the Underdark. They will also often carry repair kits so that they can fix their gear on the move, to avoid having to come back to the surface during the course of their operations and they always carry a well-stocked medical supply kit.


As with Inquisitor Assassins, Inquisitor Pioneers are given free rein to train and specialise in any weapons of their choosing. Most, however, will tend to stick to smaller weapons, such as short swords, daggers and hand axes, which can be easily wielded in the often cramped confines of the Underdark's tunnels and passages.


As their numbers are few, all Inquisitor Pioneers answer to the Captain Inquisitor who is specifically responsible for them and their activities, who in turn reports directly to the Grand Inquisitor.


Inquisitor Pioneers tend to work in pairs and they will focus on moving through the Underdark undetected, primarily to improve their odds of survival.


Whilst Inquisitor Pioneers are not specifically trained for the positions, but are rather selected based on their existing skill sets, each Pioneer is expected to have the following skills:   The very nature of their work means that Inquisitor Pioneers must excel in wilderness survival, tracking and camouflage, simply so that they can survive in the harsh environment of the Underdark, and avoid most of its denizens.   They are also required to be natural and adept linguists and are expected to learn what little information has been gathered in the Inquisition's and the Imperial Archives on the language of Undercommon, and be able to adapt ways of communicating with unknown entities in the field.   Linked to this, Pioneers are also expected to have a fair number of diplomatic skills, so that first contact, ongoing contact or negotiations with powers and organisations in the Underdark can be carried out by them, rather than the Empire of Turelion having to go to the expense of risk of sending bureaucrats from the Imperial Bureau, who are far less likely to make the journey.   However, whilst they are required to be skilled combatants able to defend themselves, martial prowess is not deemed to be a Pioneer’s most essential skill and although each Pioneer is undoubtedly a skilled warrior, it is unlikely that any of them would pose a challenge to one of the Inquisition’s Inquisitor Assassins.


Logistical Support

Inquisitor Pioneers have to be able to operate on their own, partly because they carry out highly classified work for the Inquisition and partly because their work takes them deep into the subterranean parts of the Underdark, where there is very little hope of rescue or support should things go wrong. All Inquisitor Pioneers know that when they go underground, they can only rely on themselves and their skills as no one will be coming to help them should they fail.
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