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The Clock Tavern

Originally a tower in the northern quarter of the city walls, this large, square building is still one of the tallest structures in the city. When the second expansion of the city walls finished, this tower was decommissioned as a military structure and sold off to a prominent local. Over two thousand years later, the people of Etude know it as the Clock Tavern; one of the most iconic buildings in the city best known for the illusory timepiece that floats above the buildings' roof displaying the time and date for all.
The family that purchased the building so long ago still run the tavern, and most of them live on the upper floor of the tower. Serving as a figurehead, Renfreid has largely delegated the operation of the tavern to his children, triplets who have been groomed for this task since childhood. Together they manage the day-to-day operations of the business but have lately come against resistance from the poorer districts of Etude for their elitist behaviour.

Purpose / Function

When the first four towers were built centuries ago, stone was the most durable and available resource. The first three stories were solid stone and the top three floors were made from treated wood. During the first major attack by orc in 603NC the building caught fire and was repaired and constructed completely from stone. Now, each floor of the building has arrow slits in every wall and the ceilings are supported by arches of stone.


Now, the main floor has been converted into a tavern with stone floors and wooden furniture. The wall directly opposite from the entrance has a long bar built with eight stools and a finely constructed shelf and cabnet to hold bartending supplies.

Construction Date
17th of Zeriel, 78NC
Primary Ownership
Renfreid Wannour
Business Type



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