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Main Gates

As the only official means of entering the City of Gems, the gatehouse is made up of two large square towers joined by a heavy stone arch that houses all the necessary mechanisms to control the iron portcullis that is closed during nighttime hours.
The large stone blocks used to construct the towers were all excavated and cut from stone harvested from the interior of the mountain that houses the largest portion of the city itself, one of their greatest resources. The stone has been cut and treated using techniques learned from dwanar stonesmiths, like much of the city, and are significantly more durable than common untreated stone. The bricks themselves are cut into two specific shapes for the main sections of flat wall, one longer rectangular and the other square to make a strong interlocked wall held together by a lime mortar that holds strong but is less susecptible to erosion and water damage.

Purpose / Function

The heavy portcullis and surrounding structure serve to control who and what can enter the city. Given the aggression between goblins and the early settlers here, it was a necessary to have protective structures in place.
Parent Location


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