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Children of the Earth, the Fey grow from it
Children of the Earth, Fey are said to parallel the Elven birth from the stars by growing from the Earth. This story is hardly believed as most scholars hold that Fey must have originated with the Elves, though they traveled to their homelands significantly earlier, because of each group's similarities.

Basic Information


Fey appear much like Elves but with fiery red hair, and a greenish tinge to their skin. Along with this, many Fey have animal-like horns, with the horns usually inherited from their parents.   Fey and Elves are very similair biologically, because of this, its quite easy for a Fey and an Elf to have children together, with the resulting child being something called a Faerie. Faeries usually possess some traits from both parents.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Fey are most often found in the regions just south of Elves, those being the Golden Basin and Silver Feilds. This area has been the home of the Fey since time immemorial and is likely to remain so.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Elven languages fall into 2 language families, those being the Golden Basin languages and Silver Feild languages. The Golden Basin languages are today only spoken in the Golden Basin and Isle of Lopra. They once spread much farther but have been driven out by the Silver Feild languages which are spoken in all other Fey lands.


Believed to have split off from ancient Elven ancestors, Fey remained in the south while Elves traveled to the far north. These Fey would become some of the earliest civilizations several thousand years ago in the Golden Basin. These groups would also originate the use of bronze for tools and would spread it to most other groups before Dragonkin would popularize the use of Iron a few thousand years later.
Average Height
5ft 2 - 5ft 5

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