Wox Wykidw

A stylish method of travel, the Wox Wykidw, or Wykid, is a box with wings. But with such a simple concept, Wykid have managed to become immensely popular with the rich. Wykids allow the user, both those capable and incapable, to fly without effort. Wykids are single passenger vehicles, each one tailor made to the buyer. It must be made on a customer by customer basis because it must be balanced to the user. Without proper balancing, the vehicle will spiral uncontrollably in the air until it crashes. That's also why it is unwise to share one's wykid.  


  The Wykid uses a pair of custom made wings to propel and guide the vehicle while its core keeps it aloft. A battery kept in the back of the vehicle with its control module powers the vehicle. The better the battery, the longer the vehicle can operate. Many manufacturers implement a safety feature which has the vehicle land on its own if the battery is too low, to prevent the user from running out of battery midflight and crashing.  


  More rudimentary wykid have physical controls, such as a ball held in the air that is moved to tell the vehicle which way to go. Newer vehicles use a mind interface to have the user only think which direction and it will go. The most expensive of wykid have an auto flight feature where the user things of where they want to go, and the vehicle will touch base with a base network to learn of the place's location, and take the user their without them having to do anything more.  


  Can be docked anywhere it fits. Most don't worry about docking it without locks as anyone who would be foolish enough to try and steel it will crash and probably injure themselves. Though locks are still implemented, to avoid the destruction of their vehicle from someone unknowing or unintelligent.  


  While the base system of a wykid is only for flight, the customization of it is near limitless. As more and more features are added, and more luxurious materials are used, the price can seem limitless too.  


  The exterior is most common to be customized, as it is the part that others will see. Wings can be styled after anything the user wishes Drake-like, feathered, leathern, insect -like. The body has a metallic interior, but the outside finish can be anything from wood, to shiny or matt metal, to crystal, to leather, and beyond. The user can also ask for different colors for the body and wings, window reflectivity, decals, body type (convertible, closed, or open roof), and much, much more.  


  The interior, while not as often, is customizable. Most have their seats cushioned with leather and fabrics, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Manual or auto flight, ability to play music or even holograms, communication capabilities, locking systems, storage areas, additional safety measures such as seatbelts, more spacious cockpit, one way windows, decals, the list goes on and on.


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