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During the summer equinox, when flowers bloom and game is plenty, the clans of Kvisvir gather to hold the great festival of Tahgaeti. As soon as a clan arrives, they are warmly welcomed by the previous year's head clan with drink and stories. Everyone will mingle, telling of life, how the previous year went, politics, deaths, births, and anything to catch up and/or schmooze. All clans are invited, unless they are on the blacklist.  

Deciding the Head Clan

The purpose of the festival, beyond being an excuse to meet and have fun, is to decide the next year's head clan. This is decided through a hunt. Whichever clan has the most impressive hunters will be the next year's head clan. This system, unfortunately, leads to the same head clan every year as they, due to being head clan, have access to the best hunting grounds for practice. Nevertheless, it's still a good time and allows for the opportunity for other clans to take the lead.

That was back then. Now, the head clan is decided through complex political shenanigans and the festival has become just a fun event without any ulterior motive. The hunt remains one of the most looked-forward-to annual events.  

Creativity in Sport

The primary event of the festival is the hunt. Every able body will go out on their own to hunt. Because the festivals have gotten so big, the head clan has taken up the responsibility to ensure there will be plenty of game for the year's hunt. They will farm deer, Fis, foxes, and more to allow for nearly everyone to hunt at least one best.

Many will go out inebriated, lost in the previous day's joy. This adds to the difficulty of the hunt, to catch prey before others with a handicap. The hunt is meant to be fun and allow individuals to express their fitness, intelligence, and creativity. Hunts are now tracked to reduce cheating and record artful encounters. It's easy enough to pounce on an unsuspecting prey, but the hunts have grown more and more extravagant as a means of showing off. Now, there are quick0made traps using surrounding natural resources, hypnotism of the creatures to perform silly acts, convoluted tasks for Ohbzso that they take down a larger creature without the direct intervention of the isynx, dances towards the prey that seem like the dancer should not catch anything, and more.


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