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The Hunter's Wife

I never saw any man praying for daughters in my own country

  Embaafané, the oldest (and most senile) man in 20 miles, has a reputation in Sóndoshor, their village, for telling stories. One of his favourites to tell is the story of the Hunter’s wife. The Hunter's wife is one of the many Chershe written down in Eynsesaayshéze Books.

The Myth

It is said you should not fish or even touch the lake of the dead, Lake Nyébéeb, expect during Ébiéeshéza. But why? You see, Ofaara lived on the shores with her husband and always prayed for a daughter. After 6 sons, Ofaara grew desperate and heard from a travelling healer or osóchéng of a cure for her ailment. But the fish of Nyébéeb are blessed by the 13 Sisters. He told her that the fish were her cure - cook one now and she'd grow pregnant.
  So, she did as she was told; catch a fish, bless it and prepare it. For the first time in a while, she felt joy that maybe she'd have a legacy after her. But as the days became months and months became years no children - boy or girl - came to fill her stomach. It seemed that the fish had cursed her.

The Epic

An expanded form the myth is one of the many Chershe theatre epics allegedly written by the prophet Ganréod. Many communities will preform the epic as Ébiéeshéza approaches, usually before the men head to Ochochowfoéb.


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