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Yaolin (ˈYah-Oh-Lin)

In the Olaluma Mountains, high atop Nai Ancalen, three borders cross a large lake. This lake fills most of the caldera of the long-dormant volcano, and is known to the people of Glaerhiel as Laa Serine. Half of the lake belongs to the nation of Touhaba. The other half is split between Ochua and Glaerhiel, along a line from where the river Aman Serine leaves the lake and descends downhill, forming the border as it goes.   On the Glaerhiel portion of the caldera, there sits a small village known as Yaolin. Originally a lumber camp on the far side of the caldera ridge, it has since migrated to the fertile lands surrounding the lake. Today Yaolin numbers about two hundred or so buildings, including a town meeting hall. They are around six hundred citizens strong, mostly Elven, but also quite a few Tabaxi and Firbolgs. The villagers build their Kauri-wood homes with clever designs that mimic nature, and revel in the natural beauty around them. Lumber is no longer all that this village is preoccupied with. There are farmers here, and a good number of craftspeople, as the village has found that it has to make or grow most things that they need. They are fishermen, as well, harvesting the bounty of the lake as well as the river that springs from it.   The village's only claims to fame were being the highest settlement in Glaerhiel, and being one of only twenty sites allowed to harvest certain exotic trees for their wood. It is a prestigious honor, and it requires having a stellar reputation for forest management and husbandry techniques, as the government is highly interested in conservation. The elves of Yaolin harvest such woods as ebony, teak, and mahogany. These woods fetch high prices in markets near and far.   Recently, however, the village has been harrassed by thieves, stealing from the lumber piles and other trade goods. The woodcutters are left having to come up short with their quotas. There is also the quandry regarding the town's needs, and whether there will be enough to trade with on the next delivery. There are reports of seeing bands of armed men in the distance through the trees. These men appear to wear no markings on their armor, but the villagers can tell that these men are too well armed and armored to be bandits. The inhabitants of Yaolin do what they can to protect and guard the stockpiles, but their arsenal consists of several bows and arrows and some boar spears, plus whatever they could press into use as a weapon. The town would be fairly helpless against a true raid.   With no other recourse, Mayor Zaleria Miaren has sent out a delegation of strong men to the capital of Sela Shaeras, in hopes that the government will be able to help. The prevailing belief is that the nation of Ochua is attempting to move the boundary through occupation, and harvest the bounty surrounding Yaolin. The villagers also fear that things may escalate, and Yaolin may not exist by the time help arrives. A few lit torches in the night could be all that it would take.


Total Population: 632
Primary Race: Elf
  • Children: 95
  • Adults: 499
  • Elderly: 38
  • Ill/Infirm: 64
  • Urban Population: 594
  • Rural Population: 38
  • Government

    Town Council: 4 councilors and a mayor, generally elected.


    Walls: None
    Natural Defences: Caldera, River


    Road Construction: Dirt Roads
    Main Irrigation: Furrow Irrigation
    Number of Districts: 1


    • Type: Residential
    • Population: 594


    Lumber Camps

    • Ebony
      • 17 workers
    • Teak
      • 23 workers
    • Mahogany
      • 37 workers
    • Kauri
      • 14 workers
    • Corkwood
      • 5 workers

    Stone Quarries

    • Sandstone
      • 59 workers


  • Primary Building Style: Kauri Wood
  • Secondary Building Styles: Sandstone
  • Aesthetics: Organic
  • Cleanliness: Tidy
  • Upkeep: Handsome
  • Geography

    Volcanic Caldera
    Elevation: 7,900 feet above sea level
    Ground Cover: 100%

    Crater Lake

    • Salinity: fresh
    • Depth: 528 feet
    • Navigable: Yes
    • Aquatic Animals: Trout and Clams


    • Salinity: fresh
    • Depth: 43 feet
    • Width: 305 feet
    • Navigable: Yes
    • Aquatic Animals: Clams, Catfish, and Snakehead

    Natural Resources


    • Igneous: Basalt
    • Metamorphic: Gneiss
    • Sedimentary: Sandstone and Travertine


    • Minerals: Lye and Sulfur
    • Metals: Antimony


    • Precious: Ruby


    • Warm Seasons: Sorghum and Corn
    • Cool Seasons: Wheat
    • Food: Sorghum, Wheat, and Corn
    • Animal Feed: Sorghum and Corn


    • Marrow: Zucchini
    • Cruciferous: Broccoli
    • Alium: Garlic

    Utility Crops

    • Fiber: Jute


    Tropical Rain Forest
    Avg. Annual Temperature: 68F
    Avg. Annual Precipitation: 10 feet
    Seasons: Dry Season and Wet Season
    Prevailing Winds: northeast to southwest
    Founding Date
    Inhabitant Demonym
    Location under
    Ruling/Owning Rank
    Owning Organization

    Flora and Fauna

    • Livestock: Alpaca
    • Prey: Warthogs
    • Aquatic: Trout, Snakehead, Clams, and Catfish
    • Trees: Mango Tree, Grapefruit Tree, and Limba
    • Grass: Blue Fescue Grass, Feather Reed, Grey Fescue Grass, and Cloud Grass
    • Shrubs: Raspberry Bush, and Butterfly Bush
    • Moss: Haircap Moss, Fern Moss, Tamarisk Moss, and Peat Moss
    • Vines: Balloon Vine, Poison Ivy, Butterfly Pea Vine, and Water Vine

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