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The Shields of Nightfall

An ancient Order of Paladins dedicated to Zurena, Goddess of Augury. They have pledged themselves the protectors against a dark future. As a symbol of the light they bring, the Order wears armor with a coating of brass alloy that makes them appear to shine gold.   The Shields, as they are colloquially known, have been headquartered in the County of Kernwith near the County capital since they were deeded Calden Keep by the childless Lord Toly Crelenet, 160 years ago. Previously, they were based at a small Temple of Zurena near Hollyhead.   Unbeknownst to most, their primary charge is to protect the infamous Scrolls of Skaudryg, a collection of the most evil and most divine prophecies and rituals. The Shields of Nightfall have been guarding the scrolls for over 500 years.

Against the Dark

Military, Knightly Order
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
Related Myths

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