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Kallianeira Occhioverde (ˌKall-Ee-Ah-ˈNair-Ah Oh-​ˌKee-Oh-ˈVer-Day)

It would be my honor, if you would be so gracious as to attend a select gathering of friends. Count Vittorio shall be attending, as well as the writer, Liberio Mosco, and several other members of noble houses, for an evening of music and conversation...
— Portion of an invitation sent to Kallianeira Occhioverde
Kallianeira Occhioverde is the most successful courtesan that Pavorno has ever known. Her beauty and striking coloration are only half of her allure, for the tales say that she is graceful and elegant, the finest of conversationalists, and a master of making a man (or woman) feel like the only one in the room. People will hire her solely to show up at their parties, to show off how high-ranking or rich they are, for Kallianeira has become a veritable status symbol in Pavorno. Nobles have been known to pawn their valuables just to get her to make an appearance at their fête.   But Kallianeira didn't always live in the lush and lavish lodgings that she occupies today. Like many of the courtesans and prostitutes in Pavorno, she was born poor, an orphan abandoned on a doorstep. She grew up in an orphanage until she was about 10 years old, according to the few who knew her so young. Then she was lucky enough to catch the eye of the famous Camelia Arrighi, who knew such beauty would not just be wasted, but be in danger in such surroundings, for Kallianeira's allure shone even then. She had the face of one who could be the greatest of courtesans, not simply a streetwalker or someone hired to a house of pleasure.
My friend, you must attend! All of Pavorno society shall be there, even the famed Camelia Arrighi and her new protégé! Such beauty is not to be missed!
— Luca Ferretti to Silverio Agresti
Camelia took Kallianeira in to be her ward. The child was trained in all things needful - etiquette, posture, dancing, playing music, and the arts of conversation and flirting. By the time she was sixteen, she was accompanying Camelia to parties, getting to know the more important fixtures of Pavorno. At eighteen she made her debut as a courtesan in her own right, and her tutoring paid off. Soon, she not only had enough to pay back Camelia for her lessons, but she was able to move into rooms of her own. By twenty, everyone knew her name, even those who did not hire courtesans. She was a flower in her prime, and she knew how to take full advantage of it.   Rumor has it that she has had a safe imported from Espal, one of the dwarven kingdoms, with a gnome-crafted lock, for Kallianeira had saved every love letter she had ever received, or so the story goes. Some, she kept for sentimental reasons, others, for "leverage," should it be needed, for she was a businesswoman first and foremost, and knew that her dalliances were only fiction. It is said that if her collection of love letters were ever published, it would be the downfall of marriages, noble houses, and even kingdoms. Crown Prince Amato, in his youth, was said to be among her conquests. Romantics insist that the two exchange secret missives even still, and that he has thoughts of making her his mistress. If so, it would be a fine position for her to retire to. For the profession of a courtesan is not a long-lived one, even for a beauty like Kallianeira. All things fade in time. But there is no substantial proof of any of this. She may, in fact, end up relying on that safe of letters after all.
Year of Birth
1237 NE 28 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Current Residence
Bright green
Wavy red hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
135 lbs


Courtesans in Pavorno are not just light-skirts like you can find in any House. Frequently of low birth, but often middleclass or even impoverished noblewomen, they are trained from their teens, or even earlier, to entertain the nobility as much or more than anything else. They are hired for outings, gatherings, parties, sometimes even a night of cards, if one really wants to show off their wealth. For courtesans are expensive luxuries, a sign of conspicuous consumption in this decadent city. To be rejected for one's invitation to a courtesan is a slight, indeed. It often shows you are not attractive enough, not entertaining enough, or possibly just not rich enough to be worthy of her attention.

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