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Summer Camp A Children's Tale Award Shortlist

Welcome to my shortlist for this fabulous part of 2023's Summer Camp!

A Children's Tale or Song Based on a Real Event

Congratulations to everyone who applied for this prompt, it was massive fun to see the creativity all 200+ people put forth. As part of my own judging criteria, I read all the articles and focused my shortlist on the ones I found the most entertaining or educational for children in our worlds. Well done to everyone, who participated and a special congratulations to my shortlist. We had everything from kids games to storybooks, to macabre tales to chill the spine (a la Grimm).

Let's give these creators some love!


The Shortlist


By Mochimanoban
A tree in an asteroid field!? This pleased my sci-fi oriented mind.
The Oologooloo Tree
Myth | Apr 14, 2024

A perplexing tree that once existed in the Kinosmo System. Its origins come from another planet, yet it managed to survive in space for thousands of years.

Brave Burgermeister

By Emily Armstrong
I defy the person who listens to the Brave Burgermeister song and doesn't have it stick inside their heads like a leech.
Brave Burgermeister
Myth | Jul 18, 2023

Days of Creation

By Stormbril
I had way too much fun with this storybook, flipping pages and reading about all the gods in a way which doesn't belay the tragedy which happened later.
Days of Creation
Myth | Mar 16, 2024

A historian's attempt at writing and illustrating a picture book to teach kids about the origins of the gods, long before they became husks.

Legend of Farsqueak

By tarkinlarson
Didn't know I would be rooting so hard for a rat, but here we are. I wanted that lil guy to get home so bad!  

Ember's Spark

By EmperorDrako
This was pure enjoyable fun.
Ember's spark
Myth | Jul 29, 2023

Twister, Twist Her

by ECCBooks
Anybody want to play this game? I bet it would be a whirling good time.
Twister, Twist Her
Myth | Jul 21, 2023

“Twister, Twist Her” is a popular nursery rhyme, folk song, and singing game in the land of Eden.

Corporate Man

By Qurilion
Another one where I could hear the song in my head, this one felt perfectly placed in Qurilion's world build.
Myth | Jul 16, 2023

♪ Who's got the tie, and a suit so grand? Who’s got the city in his helping hand? ♪

Run Run Run

I'm a sucker for kids games. And the annecdote of 'didn't know where this came from' gave me Ring Around the Rosey vibes.
Run Run Run
Myth | Jul 20, 2023

Légende des 100 Champs

Par Zannazook
Un article fantastique, cette histoire est interessante et fabuleuse.
Légende des 100 champs
Myth | Dec 19, 2023

Baku and the Bad Shatter

By Kitoypoy
Magic cloud riding Snuffleupagusses who save kids from traumatic situations and nightmares made my month.
Baku and the Bad Shatter
Myth | Nov 22, 2023

The children's song "Baku and the Bad Shatter" recalls the only Horn 3 Shatter recorded in the Zone. On that day, the baku revealed themselves by spiriting away all the children of the Zone to protect them from the Manifest of nightmares in the Pit.


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Aug 18, 2023 16:45 by Mochi

Wow, I can't believe I made this shortlist!! And with so many other amazing articles too! :D thank you so much! <3

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Aug 24, 2023 14:23 by Sapha Burnell

You're welcome! It's well deserved, the Oologooloo tree was such a fabulous article to come across. Cosmic horticulture class, when!?

Aug 19, 2023 15:07 by Chris L

<3 Thanks for including my article! I loved making it and I'm glad you liked it!

For your consideration, my submissions for the WorldAnvil Worldbuilding Awards 2024. (I've also included some of my favorites other worldbuilders.)

Aug 24, 2023 14:24 by Sapha Burnell

I super enjoyed the story of magic hephalump/snuggleupaguses saving kids from bad things. It was exactly the kind of hopeful I was looking for. Well done!

Aug 20, 2023 01:13 by E. Christopher Clark

Oh wow, that's some awesome company to be in!

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Aug 24, 2023 14:26 by Sapha Burnell

You deserve it, Chris! Let's play a game...

Aug 28, 2023 01:32 by Stormbril

Huge congrats to the winner, and I am just so overjoyed to have been on the shortlist here, as well as one of the runner ups! Thank you for being a judge and doing the incredibly hard job of reading and choosing <3

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