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Phylloxera Phrenzy: A Dionysterical One Shot TTRPG

A System Agnostic TTRPG


Hark! Dionysus, Olympian of Wine is hysterical!

Hellas, home of Olympus, is also the heavenly Realm of Dionysus' bespoke grape vines. The Ideal Grapes, Dionysus' Vineyards are the original font from which all grapes and wine in Midgard find their source. Without Dionysus' vines, wine in Hellas and Midgard would cease to exist, and now they're in dire danger!

Called to action by The Mystic Truce JudgeCaleb Mauthisen, band together with your fellow Legends and save all wine!

The Swarm Seeks to Stuff their Stomachs in 60 - 90 Minutes

A Timed One-Shot TTRPG

2 - 6

Play Time: ~ 60 - 90 Minutes
Phylloxera Phrenzy focuses on role-play & creative problem solving.   Each of the 6 rounds lasts 10 minutes of real time.

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Phylloxera, bane of the European Grape Vines has done the unthinkable and flew into Hellas on a bouquet of bombastic blooms! The scourge of silken tipples entered the Hellas Realm and oh woes and winos, were transformed by the magic of the Olympians! But alas, who!? Who of my kith and kin could have done this!?

Fields planted with precious and untainted grape varieties hitherto unknown to the Realms are at risk of disaster, of destruction, of death!

Rouse your party of pleasure seeking pundits and save Hellas from the horrors of barren and scorched vines, before the Swarm swallows the vineyards whole!

Leaf Loving Legends (Players)

Playable Characters
Clues & Interviews

Game Master Temple (GM Only)

Clues & Interviews

Playable Characters


Phylloxera Phrenzy is designed for a TTRPG system of choice, where level is GM dependent and loose class & special techniques are given. Pick a player (or bring your own), and get ready to let loose and flex some story muscles. The number one rule is don't take things too seriously, work together to build a nifty story & enjoy.

Caleb Mauthisen's step-daughter & Donovan Shoemaker's adopted daughter, Seraya is a Changeling Princess with a talent for shapeshifting and plant surge. If anyone can figure out what's wrong with Dionysus' grapes, it's the father-daughter duo of Seraya & Donovan.

A potent druid & healer, Seraya's magic is focused around botanical bounties.



Shapeshifting Botanist & Healer

High Wisdom/Intelligence
Low Strength/Charisma
Limited Healing Magic (2x/game)
Strong Against Poison & Rot
Weak Against Fire & Ice


Changeling Trait
Once per game, Seraya can shapeshift into any GM-allowed form.

Botanical Bastion

Changeling Trait
Twice per game, Seraya can call forth local plants to aide her and the party in a feat relative in scale to 2d6.

Since Top Shelf: A Judge of Mystics One-Shot, the brothers Mad/Lad found themselves under the employ of Mystic Judge Caleb Mauthisen.

Usually tending The Hallowes, Mad heard of the vinological victims in Hellas, and stepped up to help, with his brother in tow.

Anything to save the booze.



Elemental Magic & Domestic Arts

High Wisdom/Intelligence
Low Constitution/Strength
Strong Against Fire & Wind
Weak Against Physical Attacks

Meet the Neighbours

Domovoi Trait
Once per game, Mad can seek out Domestic Spirits and receive insider knowledge.

Brush Off

Domovoi Trait
Twice per game, Mad can conjure a strong gust of wind, to blow pests (and dust) away with his magic broom.

Since Top Shelf: A Judge of Mystics One-Shot, the brothers Mad/Lad found themselves under the employ of Mystic Judge Caleb Mauthisen.

Happily guarding The Hallowes gardens and grounds, Lad hoisted his pack the second he and Mad heard of the grape gripes in Hellas.

Caleb couldn't go? He'd send his best two boozehounds. Lad leaves Midgard with a pack of many useful things, and a suspiciously hefty hammer he knicked off the Carpenter.


Scrapper & Booze Sniffer

High Strength/Constitution
Low Intelligence/Charisma
Strong Against Poison & Rot

Sucker Punch

Dvorovoi Trait
Once per game, Lad can sucker punch with a nigh unblockable 2x strength hit against any target.

Gut-Rot Guy

Dvorovoi Trait
Once per game, Lad can drink or taste anything remotely edible (or appearing so) and learn something about it, without dying/hangover.
A Bartending Gjenganger Rogue

Normally found tending Finnegan's Bluff Public House as the Head Bartender, when the call came to send help to Hellas, Donovan was Caleb's first choice. Intelligent and shrewd, Donovan is a talented tracker & investigator, who packs a solid one-two punch, when he's not blasting mooks with his patented six shooters.

A corporeal ghost, who died in 1869, Donovan was born into the American South.

Rogue Class
Sharp Shooter Pistols
High Charisma/Dexterity, Low Wisdom/Patience
Gjenganger Trait: If Donovan fails too many checks, his inner ghostly rage explodes and he becomes a mindless, berzerk Draugr until the enemies are dead, or he's magically calmed.
Demi-goddess Cleric & Hellas Local

Granddaughter of the Titaness Iris, Violet is one of the messengers of Hebe, and in an is-she-isn't-she relationship with Lou Areides.

It was Violet, who came on her rainbow wings to warn Caleb of the threat to Dionysus' grapes.

Cleric of Hebe
Healing & Status Effect Magic
High Wis/Int, Low Con/Strength
Hellax Trait: A Hellax local, twice per game, Violet can have access to information or spaces others are denied.
DJ Bard Dubstepping in 4/4

A crass unicorn, DJ Bard dubsteps into the Pub every Thursday and some Saturdays when Melpomene's Poetry Jam is cancelled due to tears. Big, white fur with a rainbow mane, Doug has what can be defined as 'casual magic' of a musically inclined troublemaker, and even when he's not at the turntable, practically lives at Finnegan's Pub.

On hearing his favourite tipple was in danger, Doug cantered to the party with his best travel-set. Save the Booze!

Bard Class
Charisma & Musical Magic
High Wisdom/Charisma, Low Con/Strength
Unicorn Trait: Once per round, Doug can conjure solid projections (equal to 1/3 his toughness or HP).

Clues & Interviews

Collect clues, defeat pests Winemaker Viticulturalist Sommelier Cellar Master   Vineyard Management   Harvest Grapes

Intro Round




Halt! Unless thine eyes be those of the Game Master, Desist! GM Only



The Vinophile Swarm

Tiny winged insects, whose favourite food is the roots of grape vines. They swarm the vines, and if not stopped, kill.

Swarm Mechanics. Low individual HP, work in collective.

Physical & Poison Damage
Phylloxera Queen
Hive Mini Boss

The mind in control of the hive, the Phylloxera Queen is an antagonist who brings her own to bear.

Mid-High HP
Psychic/Psionic & Poison Attacks
Frosty Cold Snap

Woe betide, who let him near my grapevines!? The cold North Wind can snap my budding darlings before they grow.

Mid-High HP. Resistant to Physical Attacks. Weak against Magic.
Ice & Wind Attacks. Weak against Fire.
Boss Attack: Hailstorm.
Olympian of Agriculture

Demeter has always been jealous there's more demand for my grapes than her gourds. Since the population of Hellas steadied, I bet she withholds her rains to prove how important she is. Old windbag.

Mid-High HP
Psychic/Psionic & Poison Attacks


Low HP
Water & Rot Attacks
Grey Rot
Malleable Mini-Boss

Moisture's menacing friend, Grey Rot attacks the leaves & budding fruit of the vine.

Can be transformed into Noble Rot, by a skilled Viticulturist, and turned to help the party instead of hinder.

Poison Attacks

Mid-High HP
Wind Attacks


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