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Kopis Industries

The brainchild of Ares Mars Olympia and Aphrodite Venus Ourania, Kopis Industries is the umbrella company for the Hellene expansion into Midgard. Aside from being Ares' personal foothold in the Middling Plane, Kopis hires Mystic Folk, who might have a hard time finding employment amongst the Humans.

Maintaining the Truce at all times, Kopis uses technology over magic, its R&D department led by Athene Olympia and Hephaestus Vulcan Olympia, with Athene's third in command (her Owl is second) Icarus Areides as a go-between. They might research and develop, but make no mistake, there is a continent between Athene and Hephaestus at all times and it is precisely the way they like it.


An aura of Hellene neo-classicism pervades Kopis Industries, alongside a certain level of good natured pugilism.

Sword & Shield Tempered by Wisdom

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