Nahmkerad Settlement in Johorne | World Anvil


Nahmkerad is a great city within the Great Channel, and is situated among the Rutheinian states, although Karbas, specifically. Historically Nahmkerad was one of the richest cities on the planet, being situated on the end tip of the Karbasi peninsula which juts straight out into the Great Channel. Utilizing this position, the city of Nahmkerad was ever able to exert over passing cargo a toll, which would enrich whoever held the city.   Across the strait which the peninsula created, the Strait of Nahmkerad, historically sat a small but well-defended Karbasi colony, securing the other end of the strait and allowing for the true enforcement of the toll.   In the modern day Nahmkerad is the largest city within Karbas, and maintains a prestige most cities of the world could not hope to match.


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