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  • Child that has Infernal blood comes out as a Tiefling, regardless of how many generations ago that Infernal parentage or curse is, and regardless of the other parent's race.
  • As Tieflings come from all areas of the land and from many different kinds of communities, very often without two Tiefling parents or a Tiefling community to raise them, there isn't much of a Tiefling "culture" or history. Both of these things have sort of pooled in Lockhinge for various reasons.
  • The largest concentration of Tieflings in the land can be found in the Greymantle/Lockhinge area and it has been this way for generations, with several different theories explaining why. One theory is that it being the least desirable land and easiest to hide in, it's natural that cursed individuals tended to end up there when persecuted. That is at least part of the reason, regardless of other possible factors. Another theory is that Tieflings were/are drawn to that area regardless of survival reasons. The final theory is that the high concentration of Infernal blood started there to begin with. A few anti-Infernal zealots claim that the Tiefling curse itself originated there and all other Tieflings can trace their curse to that starting point. There is the chance that all three are true.
  • While other places likely hold information and records about the Tiefling curse throughout history, the largest organized collections of these tomes and documents are found in Lockhinge, many of which are in libraries and vaults of knowledge that are not accessible without express permission. Several collectors (and maybe the ruling government of the city itself) are always looking for Infernal-themed articles to add to their collection.
  • It is generally accepted that Tieflings somehow know Infernal innately(??)
  • All Tieflings have horns, pupiless eyes, tails, sharp canines, and inhuman skin colors. Variable features include forked tongues, hooves, bony ridges, sharp nails, pointed ears, and teeth sharp beyond merely pointed canines.
  • Lifespans: variable? assumed based on or influenced by origin race?
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