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House Ixeni

Khellan Thriyan's original family.   One of the three Tiefling-dominated noble Houses, and they insist that they are the oldest one by far.

Public Agenda

Though rarely seen, House Ixeni is well-known in Lockhinge City as being the caretakers of the wilds surrounding the city, and have been doing so (supposedly) before there even was a city. They are one of the only noble Houses with significant power that primarily choose to not live within the city. The family can be found in their own estates, though their land remains mostly wild, or on extended travels further out in Greymantle Marsh.


While everyone agrees that House Ixeni has been around as long as the city has, there is disagreement over their roots beyond that period of time. Those that do believe House Ixeni's claim that they have been around in Greymantle ages before there was a city tend to hold the opinion that they must have been among the first groups of Tieflings to flee to the swamp during their persecution. House Ixeni, however, asserts that their House began in Greymantle long before the Tiefling migration began.

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