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WorldEmber 2020 Pledge

My first ever WA article

For WorldEmber 2020, I pledge to write 10,000 words of new material in my world of Jarnheim. It is a brand new world, so lots of stuff to add!   Join me as I begin to flesh out this dark(ish) low fantasy world. It will serve as a setting for forthcoming stories, novels, and roleplaying sessions.  
The Sundering shattered the world into Shards, broken remnants of what once was.   Desperate to find new habitable land, the survivors piled onto scavenged ships and threw their fates to the wind. As the lands they knew burned, they left them behind in search of a new Shard.   A new beginning.   Jarnheim is that land.

Stories (Plots)

  • The Dragon's Gem
  • Towers of Iron
  • Wardens of Jarnheim
  • Red Sun Saga
  • Untitled (shipwreck story)
  • Events

  • The Sundering
  • Characters

  • Delmar (Dragon's Gem)
  • Aluna (Dragon's Gem)
  • Dimi (Dragon's Gem)
  • Captain Glain (Dragon's Gem)
  • Kaivan (Towers of Iron)
  • Rosa (Towers of Iron)
  • Talon (Towers of Iron)
  • Aurelia Ostgrave (Red Sun Saga)
  • Solana Bataar
  • Aos
  • Irsia
  • Oran (shipwreck story)
  • Althalos (shipwreck story)
  • Thori (shipwreck story)
  • The Wanderer (shipwreck story)
  • The "river man" (shipwreck)
  • Locations

  • Shards
  • Jarnheim
  • Elderwatch
  • Iron Tower
  • Inn (from Towers of Iron)
  • Graymoor
  • Kursk (from Wardens of Jarnheim)
  • The Sullen Shores (shipwreck story)
  • Organizations

  • Wardens (Wardens of Jarnheim)
  • Khashin (Dragon's Gem)
  • Red Sun (Red Sun Saga)
  • The First Ones

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    Sage Rynn19
    Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
    11 Nov, 2020 06:18

    A brand new world is always fun to start with! Don't worry too much about formatting and any other fancy stuff for now. This article looks perfectly fine and you'll be able to use it well. That is all that matters. You'll learn the rest soon enough. :) Also, you're world sounds very interesting. Good luck with WorldEmber!

    Author of Ealdwyll, a fantasy world full of mystery.
    11 Nov, 2020 08:36

    Sounds exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing your articles and discovering your world during WorldEmber :), good luck!

    Author of Interarcanum !