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Amber. Its butterscotch shade the same as her eyes. This was the key to everything. The hope, the fear, the possibility of finding something, anything new rest solely on this jewel. She held the pebble and the pebble held her fate.  
~Second Wind Book 1 Wake At Dawn


Material Characteristics

The most common form of amber is the expanded amber cells used in the ancient Lendari stasis beds. In this form, it is a solid block of yellow mineral that feels like plastic resin when touched. The second most common, and more familiar for Awakened, is the compressed version which is a multisided crystal of the same color that feels like a large die with a random amount of sides. Shard also exist but are pieces of amber from freed cradles that have been cut and cannot expand like the amber cells. Melts to a gracious state in direct sunlight and glows blue in the moonlight. Most other forms use a mixture that is combined with building materials.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Amber is an artificially produced mineral whose primary use is slowing or stopping the effects of time on anything incased or combined with it. It behaves like an element having solid, liquid/foaming, and gaseous states but changes between these states are not tied to temperature but rather programmed to behave differently when hit by different spectrums of light. It is yellow in color and opaque but clear enough to identify people encased in a block of it. When struck by moonlight resting somewhere around the .4 and .55 micron spectrum, amber begins to glow in a turquoise color. The solid state is also immune to the effects of water erosion.   The primary weakness of amber lies in its spectral programming. In ancient times this was the knowledge that rarely fell out of the hands of the higher-ups but in the new world, sunlight strobes at just the right frequency to cause the amber to break down and change to a gaseous state. This process was initially created artificially and the amber gas was reclaimed to be reformed. But if the gas is allowed to linger, eventually it will blink out of existence. Without the re-enforcement, materials built with amber concrete crumble from the outside in. This can still take a long time as most structures had amber in all layers of their construction and the exposed layer creates a sort of patina.


Amber's primary use is halting the effects of time and it does so completely that there is virtually no decay on an atomic level. Ancient scientists once claimed that it was not only the salvation of the species but also the hope for a universe beyond for even after every other proton decays, amber and its encased treasure will remain.   Amber cells for general population Stasis Combined with a form of concrete and other building materials to prevent decay as well as protect against temperature stressing. Sewn into the replacement bodies for higherup's making them effectively immortal. Combined with quickly vanishing, high energy elements (Like coppercinium) to make power conduits.

Geology & Geography

Only found in Lendari ruins.

Origin & Source

Unknown (Sometime shortly before or directly after the death of the first star.)

Life & Expiration

Deteriorates quickly in sunlight but if left unexposed is an immortal substance.
Yellow, Blue under certain light spectrum.
Common State


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