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Ivicris The Second Wind Saga

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The star was dead, and it was the Lendari who killed it. Keeping that blame a secret gave no peace to the people cast adrift in the dark void upon their planet’s corpse, floating further and further from their home galaxy with every cycle. No ghosts lingered on the surface anymore. All the air, forests, and seas had burned away long ago, reduced to dust and data that now wasted in the cold. Few held any memory of the time before. In their colossal underground cities they toiled away to maintain their existence, slumbering for millennia when resources ran thin. All the while desperately clinging to the dream that one day, they would birth a new star and revive their world. This was the planet Tzera called home. Each day awake filled with stagnant air, stale food, unfulfilling work, and strangers. With the only hope lingering on the other side of sleep.
Eternity is long enough for everything to happen.