When the Cohir defeated Etris' hordes and created the magical barrier not all monsters disappeared. Some of the stayed in Yastr and tried to fit into the world. Fonir saw their struggle and asked them what they want. They answered that they just wanted a peaceful life. Then, Fonir said that he can't give them that, but he can help them. He gifted the monsters with an ability to change their appearance. Thanks to that they could fit into the forming societies. However, they still would live much longer than others. To hide that fact they would change not only their appearance, but also their identity every time when they were supposed to die as the person they were.

I need to go, Annika. My time as your husband is over. It's easier for everyone to think that we live as long as the rest of you. I love you. Goodbye.
— A shapeshifter saying goodbye to their human wife


In their natural form, most shapeshifters are black-skinned creatures with sharp teeth and claws. They rarely are in this form even among other shapeshifters. They prefer to be in a humanoid form.


Shapeshifters reach sexual maturity at the age of 10, but often don't engage in procreation until they reach the age of maturity of the society they are living in. When they decide to procreate they can choose another shapeshifter or any other person as their mate. In relationships with non-shapeshifters there is a 50/50 chance of a child being a shapeshifter or of the other parent's species. Shapeshifter children are always born in the form the shapeshifting parent had at the moment of conception.

400 years
Average Height
1.8 meters
Average Weight
70 kg
Geographic Distribution

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