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Warrior's Bane


Warrior's Bane is a powerful and fast-acting poison used throughout Istra that weakens the muscles. Potent varieties can cause the strongest men to collapse in an instant, as if thrown to the ground by an unseen force. It is a horrifying spectacle to witness and can permanently cripple the victim. Its use is highly regulated and several nations have agreed to ban its use in warfare under the Code of Altis. Warrior's Bane can used in very small doses as a muscle relaxant. It is a prized item on the black market.


In the middle of the Eighth Age, the Vathne and the Eleviraki were, once again, at war. The Eleviraki were losing valuable ground along the rivers and matters were becoming desperate, as a desert nation could not survive without fresh water. Weapons were tested, new battle strategies were implemented, but nothing seemed to break the Vathne's forces. Finally, the herbalists and alchemists approached the king and all his generals. They had worked to create a poison that would cripple the Vathne army in moments. The Vathne were honorable fighters, but the Eleviraki were not afraid to use underhanded measures in order to save their nation. The soldiers coated their blades in the poison and charged the Vathne front lines.   The Vathne warlords watched in terror as their soldiers, once renowned across Istra for their form in battle, moved as if their limbs had been turned to wet noodles. Any wound sustained by an Eleviraki blade allowed the poison to seep into the bloodstream and, in no more than a minute, would cripple the unfortunate victim. Though the Eleviraki were not without their own losses, the day was won.   The use of Warrior's Bane was a closely guarded secret until the formula was sold to a Bolaani herbalist. From there, it spread across Istra. By the Ninth Age, its use became widespread, along with several other less chivalrous methods of warfare such as necromancy. Finally, in the 740th year of the Ninth Age, several prominent world leaders met to discuss ethics on the battlefield. Warrior's Bane was forbidden in war and restricted for other use by Vathne, Elevirak, Bolaan, and Ceskaevya. Lieretsa and Althain later agreed to the decision, once their nations grew more powerful.
Item type
Consumable, Magical
Creation Date
Relatively rare, due to its illegality


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