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Tears of Evatris


The Tears of Evatris are translucent stones that are said to be the solidified tears of the Althainian goddess Evatris as she lamented over the destruction caused by the War of the Gods. Five such stones exist and are on display in the most prominent cathedrals in Althain. It is said that to be in the very presence of the Tears is to be blessed by the goddess' spirit. They are also a reminder of the eternal sorrow that results from the brutality of war.


The history of the Tears of Evatris is surrounded by myth. The War of the Gods took place in the very beginning of the First Age. According to Althainian myth, the war took place when the children of the gods rebelled against the older generation and desired their power. Evatris was part of the older generation and the sister of the chief god Kathos. She reigned over the sphere of art and music, so she did not pose as much of a threat. She was imprisoned high in the snowy mountains and left alone to languish. Her tears fell from the great tower she had been chained in and froze from the frigid temperature, impaling the elite guards below. As a result, she was able to be rescued and helped to turn the tide of the war.


There is much debate surrounding the true power of the Tears. Some believe they have the power to heal, calm an anxious mind, grant inspiration, or even revive the dead. Others believe they are simply pieces of clear quartz. Most people in the modern age believe something in between, that the Tears are sacred artifacts, but not the literal tears of a goddess that can perform miracles.
Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
Creation Date
Very rare, 5 in existence
2 lbs
5-6 inches


Author's Notes

I study a lot of medieval history and was inspired by the Catholic church's veneration of holy relics. Althain is based on a typical medieval society (with some twists!) so it made sense to include relics in their religion. Oddly enough, I was also inspired by ghast tears in Minecraft.

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