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Fool's Ring


Fool's Rings are enchanted rings with an assortment of amusing effects. No two Fool's Rings are the same, but all invoke various effects based on the finger it is placed upon. At first this was completely random, but later it became the trend to follow a theme for each finger. For example, putting a Fool's Ring on the left index finger would summon an object, putting one on the right ring finger would change an aspect of the wearer's physical appearance, and so on. Most Fool's Rings are engraved with a laughing face, but particularly devious mages will turn ordinary rings into Fool's Rings. A skilled mage can spot the enchantment, but others are not so prepared.


The first Fool's Ring was enchanted by a mischievous Lieretsan mage at the Riverbend University of Magic in the Tenth Age. It is unknown who crafted the first one, but what started as a prank among the younger students soon spread to other schools in Lieretsa. They were great fun during parties or while inebriated. It became a challenge to create the most innocuous-looking Fool's Ring with the most entertaining outcomes, until six students died in an explosion created by one of the rings. Chancellors across Lieretsa made sobering speeches about being responsible with magical objects and banned Fool's Rings from universities. Many universities strengthened their policies regarding the creation of potentially harmful magical items following this tragedy.   Many Fool's Rings were destroyed, but not all. They have made their way throughout Istra and are used in pranks, as gag gifts, or are simply a reminder of the antics of young mages. Most rings with potentially deadly effects have been destroyed, however, some are still drifting around, waiting to be discovered by an unsuspecting victim.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Creation Date
Several grams
Under 1 inch


Author's Notes

If you've played any of the Elder Scrolls games, you probably can guess what I took inspiration from. The Wabbajack! When I saw the prompt "chaos", I immediately knew that Istra needed a version of the Wabbajack. For the uninformed, it's a staff with random effects, some of them deadly.

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Feb 12, 2024 18:45

I love the idea of these rings; imagine the chaotic potential... Love the Wabbajack reference too!

Feb 15, 2024 17:50 by Lady Arsenik

Thank you for reading! I love creating banned items, too.