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Calendar and Timeline

The planet makes one full revolution of Sol in eight lunar cycles, or every 360 days. The last week is sacred to many cultures and is known as Vala's Eve. Time is measured in Godyears.   There are 14 Ages to date, with each Age consisting of a thousand years. The time between 0 Godyears and 999 Godyears is known as the Archaic Age, and every Age after that corresponds to the millennium (First Age is 1000-1999, Second Age is 2000-2999, etc.) and is listed in numerical order.   The date can be written in several different ways. The most common is [day][month][age:year in age] or [day][month][full year], for example "40th of Soloi, 14:67" or "40th of Soloi, 14067".   For specific dates, view the Timeline of Istra Events.  


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