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Unicorns are a magical species known to live in the plains and deep forests of Isidoro. They are a secretive species and are known to be wild and flighty. Unlike their equestrian brothers and sisters, unicorns have a high amount of magic, and therefore mana, within them.


A unicorn's horn is extremely important to temperature regulation, magic and physical defense. When hunted, many poachers often take the entire horn, leaving the unicorn to a slow and painful death. Efforts have been made to breed domestic unicorn to counter the market.

Basic Information


The Unicorn is an ungulate of incredible size, and if not for its horn would be indistinguishable from a regular stalion at first glance.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Unicorns are an omnivorous species, though many make the misconception that it is in fact a herbivore due to its relation to horses. They will eat grass and flora readily, but when they are low on specific minerals and nutrients they are known to seek out alternative food sources.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The main assets of a unicorn that are considered valueable, especially in the magical arts. These include their hair, horn and blood. When shopping, it is incredibly important to make sure that the items are ethically sourced.  


Full unicorn horns are often found in blackmarkets, sometimes still attached to the unicorn skull. It may be ground into powder, their blood sold in vials, and their hair braided into intricate charms. Due to this, unicorns nearly went exctinct and there was a campaign to eithically breed and provide resources without culling them.  

Ethically Sourced Materials

To ensure that the unicorns are capable of hunting and existing happily, caretakers often trim horns and hooves in small amounts. These clippings are donated to various places to make tools and charms for any magic users. Hair is often styled once it gets to a certain length, then cut to be sold in those braids.
Scientific Name
Equus ferus monoceratus
Conservation Status
Average Height
140-150 cm

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