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Known for their intimidating visage and their large wingspan, griffins are a rare mythological creature that while popular in heraldry within Isidoro, is solitary and typically doesn't interact with other species. It can occasionally be found during sheer mountain heights by brave climbers.   They prefer warm to mild locations, and are often found during dusk and dawn.


Public Perception

  Griffins are considered noble creatures, smart though not capable of advanced language. However they have communicated with beings via a telepathic exchange of emotions and simple images. Many tales consist of griffins swooping in and saving at risk travelers. They are often portrayed as the mounts of noble heroes in folk tales, and have a high opinion in the public eye. As a result of their high status, they are universally protected and hunting them for sport is against the law.  

Myths and Superstitions

Griffin at dawn, you'll be no pawn.
Solitary at dusk, beware knives of tusk.
  If you see one at dawn, it is considered incredibly good luck and that a blessing is on your way. However if a griffin is spotted at dusk, and is not in a group it is considered a bad omen. 'Knives of Tusk' is meant to imply animal attacks or attacks with bladed weapons.

Basic Information


Griffins are hybrids of common day animals: an eagle and a lion. This quadruped has the front limbs of a bird, and hind legs of a feline. Griffins are typically covered in fur, with slight feathering around their back and face.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Griffins live within caverns, and their homes are within the robust mountains of Isidoro. They ideally live near small plains so that they can swoop down to catch their prey.
Scientific Name
Alatum Nobilitatem
100 yrs
Conservation Status
Griffins are considered a protected series. It is illegal to bring harm to Griffins on purpose, or by accident.
Average Height
3'9"-3'6" (Adult, At Shoulder)
Average Weight
286-418 lbs

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Jul 15, 2018 16:45 by Matthieu A.

What a lovely noble animal. I can totally picture nobles using them as "pets". Good job!

Jul 15, 2018 16:52 by Terry-Lynn L

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