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When the All-Mother first crafted her world, she wrote two mighty guardians into existence, Forwei and Raiei, one fashioned of silver and the other gold.
Forwei was the silver and he shone with a gentle light which cooled the world after his counterpart's more harsh face passed to Tyn. For a time, Forwei was true to his purpose, stadfastly guarding creation during his time and passing peacefully through Tyn when Raiei stood watch. But as stories so often tell us, nothing lasts eternally that is bound to Void. So a time came when Forwei wondered what it was against which they guarded. Though he tried to resist, slowly he turned from his post to look to the dark beyond Vaedra that he might see Void for himself.
In the dark that spread across creation, wicked things slipped out from where they lay waiting and did mischief and spread grief throughout Eledra's world. Though Forwei swiftly turned round to look again upon his charge, his failure had already loosed that which he was meant to thwart. Eledra looked upon Forwei who grieved his own foolishness, but her pity could not forestall his punishment. And so he was made to continue in misery what he had done in his curiosity, forever turning between the dark and the world.
This is why, while Raiei remains constant and brilliant in the heavens, Forwei is ever waxing and waning in his light upon creation and when his back is turned foul things and wicked folk come forth to work their malfeasence upon the world. Beware then to turn idly from your duty for that which may seem but a simple chore may be the bulwark which stands against a doom to all.
-Excerpt from Legends of the Creation, by Pilelmo

Forwei is, in simple terms, the moon of Isesda. Simultaneously a celestial body and a sentient being. He is worshiped in a manner less like a deity and more akin to a force of nature which resides among the gods. For example Thieves, miscreants, and murderers will offer up a prayer that Forwei be lax in his duty when they embark on their dark endevours, but Forwei is not meant to answer such prayers. Rather it is like a good luck ritual common among those who traffic in ill deeds. In truth, Forwei despises those who do evil in his shadow, but lacks the power to act against them directly, as his light is his only means to stave off the dark.


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